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  • dacure123 dacure123 Mar 23, 2005 2:22 PM Flag

    BBQZ Rotation is all; Buy & Accumulate!

    BBQZ is not going bankrupt, and it holds much in the way of a valueable business, but they aren't running it profitably this past quarter. Rising steel prices may increase production costs but they can pass some of that on to customers at expense of profit margins. This is only a cyclical downtrend lately in the economies & the business in Australia & the US for BBQ & Fireplace products! The sell-off has been way overdone, in my opinion, and nothing to worry about, but it is a rotational change in one of the larger holders of this company stock. Someone has been selling out some shares to rotate out of their position or cut it in half, etc...

    Wells Fargo/Strong Mutual Funds owned about 549,000 shares previously and Peter Lynch owned about 314,000 shares as of 12/31/2004: 2.txt

    SO, either one has reason to "lighten-up" their holdings if they aren't as bullish on the near-term for BBQZ at the $5-$6/share levels.

    The selling has never really occurred for longer than 2-3 days, and we are now on the 3rd heavy day of shares for BBQZ, and the stock has fallen to ridiculous levels at $3.75/share !! I'd say that whomever has been selling has been able to exit out of about 150,000 shares over the last few days; and that would just about be HALF of Peter Lynch's holdings; so are we done?! I'd say so!? I doubt that anyone else would want to exit out of there shares at such a low-level share price now.

    Either way, it doesn't change the value that BBQZ stock offers with only 4.25M shares outstanding, and ONLY 2.3M shares floated, $220M in sales; and the ability to earn money as they did last year! Doesn't take too much. This is cyclical, and the stock selling has been overdone. BBQZ represents great value up to the $4.75/share level.

    I bought some shares long, and I intend to accumulate some shares at these levels...

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    • Sam's club one will last a couple years max while the BBQ galore one will last double that.
      They are way better made. My first BBQ bought at Home Depot rusted out in a year and a half.
      The one I have now from BBQ Galore has lasted 3 years and looks new.

    • The Sam's Club Member's Mark grill and the Barbeques Galore Grand Turbo are both made by Grand Hall, but they are different grills. (FYI a third model is the Kenmore Elite sold by Sears)

      Check out the discussion here:

      Grand Hall isn't dumb, they make different version of the "same looking" grill for different outlets. At a glance they look the same, but when you compare feature by feature they are actually different in almost every regard.

    • The bbq is a built in. It is shown and sold w/ out the cart. It is stocked and sold in natural gas. Again it is the same grill. Grand hall is not retooling to make a different grill. It say's "Member's Mark" instead of Grand Turbo.

    • It is true that both grills are made by Grand Hall, but they are not identical.

      BBQZ has several advantages that will make many customers pay the higher price.

      1. Many customers want such a big grill to use natural gas (not a tank). The Sam's grill can be converted to NG, but not many people would want to tinker with a gas appliance.

      2. Many of these grills are being built into a masonry enclosure (without the cart). BBQZ offers the grill without the cart.

      3. BBQ's are notorious for needing parts or service. It's not the same as a TV or DVD. Customers realize this and many might be willing to pay more for the ability to get some parts/service.


    • Bozo walks onto Neiman Marcus to buy Calvin Clein underwere Fly tells Bozo he does not what Calvin he wants fruint of the loom. Why? Becouse McFly has and agenda given to him by management to flip any and all sales to fruit of the loom becouse that is were their perceived margin is. Bozo see's this as McFly not wanting to sale him what is best for Bozo but what is best for Nieman Marcus. Bozo buy's else where.Sound familar? BBQZ stores come of as the Neimon Marcus but they sale Sam's. If they live buy china they will die buy china.

    • And manufactured by Grand Hall Enerprises. The same maufacturer of the Grand Turbo. Please do your home work before you open your McFly trap. As we speak the mass merchants are moving foward on saleing the "same" merchantdize as BBQZ sales. Question:Who can buy at a deeper dicount a chain of 80 stores are 3,000.00? Long-Term Sentiment: Stoung Buy (for McFly) Buy McFly Buy!!!!!!!!!!

    • How are you today McFly? Do I have to say it slower? Walk into a Sam's. It is the same grill. Same number of stainless burners,cooking grills, rotis kit, control knobs etc.... same, same, same. their model # is MONARCH04 44879 A $699.76.It is apples and apples. It is not on their web site. Each store has one to show and 10 to go!!

    • Are these really the grills he was talking about? These are not even close in features... 3 main burners vs. 5 on the BBQZ. 1 rotis. burner vs 1 rotis + 1 smoker burner on the BBQZ. 600 inches cooking area vs over 800 on the BBQZ.

      That's just from those webpages. I'm not saying there aren't good grills that are better dollar for dollar than BBQZ, however that comparison is just silly.

    • Both the grand turbo and the sam's bbq are thirty eight inch units. The spec may be just a little differt. Both bbq's are made by grand hall. I would suggest you look at both units closely becouse the only difference I see is that sam's is half the price and say's "Member's Mark" instead of grand turbo. Last time I checked member's mark was pretty well branded. My point is that this company relies so much on their china stuff and mass merchants "lowes etc" now sale the same built in grills from the same maufactures that bbqz uses for half the price.

    • BBQZ Management provides these companies input on the specs for their barbeques based on their analysis of the marketplace. The production companies aren't allowed to use these specs and sell these BBQ's to other vendors.

      I think this was what bbqfacts was comparing

      Sams Club


      I agree the sam's club bbq looks nice but it's definitely not the same bbq. I'm willing to bet that it won't last as long, nor will it have anyone knowledgeable to turn to when it breaks down. These are the major selling points for the grand turbo line.

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