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  • stpaul64 stpaul64 Sep 23, 2011 10:48 AM Flag

    fun fact

    HRBR has moved from 9171 to 9191 Towne Centre Drive. Guess who has top signage on the new building? Covington and Burling. curiouser and curiouser.

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    • I understand all of that but loyalty doesn't mean they have to talk to you and if I were them I wouldn't. Good luck though in trying.

    • BTW - The shareholder meeting is at the NY office of Covington & Burling. Looks like Amun is hot and heavy to get this deal done.

      On another note, I called the Delaware Secretary of State today. I was basicly told that the info is private, and that an LLC is not required to disclose owners, officers, etc. The only info is what's on the website.

      I also struck out so far w/NY SoS. They want me to resubmit my request. I will try to get that done in the next week.


    • StPaul; I agree, and we definitely need to know what kind of plan is in place for making periodic updates to shareholders - and how often. Just because they will no longer be required to do so, does not mean they should ignore their responsibility to keep the investors periodically informed. It shouldn't cost them much to do that, especially if they tailor it right. And doing so would be cost effective for Harbor, long term. Definitely seems like something we should all make a point to ask mgmt directly - whether by phone, email or at the meeting... and to share HRBR's response with this board.

      And if mgmt don't answer willingly regarding some type of communication plan in place, then its my guess all bets are off... and a red alert.

    • Usually the largest tenant of an office bldg get its name on the bldg as a sweetener/thank you for renting so much space. HRBR probably has a small suite with no view and is certainly not name-worthy. They had their name on the old bldg, I think, when they had many more people and were the largest tenant.

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      • the only point I was trying to make was that HRBR is now IN THE BUILDING that has Covington as its tenant. AND Covington was counsel for the three new directors, AMUN, and the parent of AMUN, Resource HLdgs in the transaction that was announced in August, and that may, or may not, have an impact on how hrbr succeeds, or not, in the pursuit of approvals for Apoptone, Triolex, and HE2000. goodness, if those connections are not striking for you, well, then, they're not striking for you.
        and $sandcents, nice going on all that info on the firm's China practice in the pharma sector. looks like they're loaded for bear, tho that doesn't necessarily mean hrbr's along for the ride.

    • Am I missing something aside from being an apparent prestgious law firm?

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