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  • j.coolaid j.coolaid May 10, 2011 2:09 PM Flag

    Achtung Achtung! Torpedo.....Los!!!

    not "forward" you moron..Reported 2010 earnings weree 2.01...Stifel agree as does Raymond James..Even Scot shows those are the earnings though the past p.e does not reflect what they themselves have..That is fact..I have a q into scottrade to explain themselves...Stifel says 17.5 X "past pe" for "2010" relects GAAP accounting....same accounting as other S&P companies utilize...what do you say their earnings were q by q for 2010...spell out each quarter reported and lets see where we can find our differences Cog..Can ya Cog? please just pass along each quarter for 2010..was it 25 cent, 25 cent, 25 cent, and 25 cent for your buck for year figure you come to? can you be honest and do that?