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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Jul 22, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    Question re. ARRY pipeline?

    I know ARRY has a bunch of drugs in various stages. Can anyone say how much tomorrows drug is in importance as compared to others. In rank, where does this one place compared o thers? Could someone give list of top drugs in pipeline in order of importance and value? Is tomorrows announcement a biggy drug?

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    • I remembered an SA article put some numbers to the pipeline a while ago. 502 would have a higher risk-adjusted valuation now after a successful phase II trial.

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    • 1. ARRY-614
      2. ARRY-520
      3. MEK 162
      4. Selumetinib
      5. Others
      Value of asthma drug is unknown. It depends on phase 2 results which will be announced tomorrow, finding a partner and outcome of phase 3 trial in future. Tomorrow we could start guessing what potential ARRY-502 might have.

    • The main drugs for potential future revenues in my opinion are the wholly-owned hematology drugs: ARRY-520 (multiple myeloma) and ARRY-614 (myelodysplastic syndromes). I see both as locks to be approved, but Array will probably have to dilute shareholders to be able to pay for both Phase III studies, which hopefully will start next year.
      Selumetinib (AstraZeneza) and MEK-162 (Novartis) are partnered drugs that will be going into Phase III for six indications, and I can see Selumetinib eventually becoming a first-line treatment for both uveal melanoma and thyroid cancer. I'm not sure what the potential revenues are from these, but they will help Array become a self-sustaining drug company.
      There are a lot of other partnered drugs, including danoprevir (InterMune/Roche) and ARRY-380 (Oncothyreon) that sound very, very promising and ARRY's stock is ridiculously cheap in my view.
      ARRY-502 is not a drug I was counting on, so any possible revenue there is icing on the cake for me.

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    • It's important in the sense that it has a potentially large market. However, there are several competitors. If there are any standout qualities to ARRY's drug, it may be attractive to BP. Otherwise, I would rank it behind ARRY's oncology products.

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