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  • b1g_brothr b1g_brothr Oct 19, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    One Insider Dumped Three Million Shares in September

    Yahoo says total insider ownership is only six million shares so this is very significant. The insiders are looting the company!

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    • He is an insider, but the shares are not. He runs a fund, then fund collects money from investors, and purchased these shares (along with those of other biotechs).

      So your comment about "looting the company" is just bogus.

      You are correct thogh that the selling could put some downard pressure on the PPS. As with any dev stage bio though, it is the pipeline progerssion that counts.

    • Liam Ratcliffe, who's a general partner at New Leaf Venture Partners LLC, sold about 3 million shares in September (MarketWatch lists NLV as the seller, while Yahoo lists Ratcliffe as the seller and notes that the sale was indirect).

      Therefore, one individual sold all of the shares mentioned, possibly on behalf of the institution he works for, possibly once the pps reached a predetermined price or range. Or maybe NLV just wanted out for whatever reason.

      Were you actually interested in posting useful information, or were you just out for a troll?

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      • I am actually long ARRY but unlike every other biotech stock I own, this one is losing me money. I am trying to understand why the stock performance is so poor while the analyst recommendations are so high. The fact that Liam Ratcliffe has been dumping massive quantities of the stock may be a causal effect.

        So instead of posting relevant information you think these message boards should just be used for cheer leading and bashing a stock? Interesting...

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