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  • the_raven_35 the_raven_35 Oct 12, 2011 11:52 AM Flag

    Vastly Undervalued

    Until this hits $9, this is free money. I can't believe people have been stupid enough to sell this off.

    Could double and still look attractive. So much stupid money in this market, and so much fear mongering. It's comical.



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    • blair.wagner May 13, 2012 8:15 PM Flag

      Just one opinion from recent SA
      "Gladstone Capital (GLAD) is a business development company, which recently announced 1st-quarter earnings. The negative trends highlighted in Q4 2011 continue in Q1 2012, as discussed here. Given the continued underperformance of GLAD, I believe that this stock should be avoided by investors."

      Just food for thought. GLTA

    • Scottrade has it as a Strong Buy

    • Love when I'm right. This has been ridiculously easy money. Still long and strong here...I see no reason to sell this below $10, and even then, I'm going to hold for $12 longer-term.



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      • I'm out. This garbage about issuing shares under NAV is a wholesale line of ballship. GLAD's stock was over $13/share for how many consecutive months in 2010-2011, and they didn't sell a single share?

        David Gladstone has had it, and I'm done investing alongside that nit. This is not an investment grade company any longer.

        I'll take my modest gain here and move on. FSC, TICC, MCC, PNNT, SLRC, BKCC...all doing a FAR better job than these idiots.


    • Looking forward to seeing what rate they'll get preferreds off. Seems the market is 7-8% for other institutions.

      That's some cheap money. Now, David Gladstone and his compatriot Chip need to get to work and quit beatching about the government. They need an SBA loan...I'm trying to figure out in what world it makes sense to lambast the instituation willing to give you free money to lend at 3x the interest rate it will eventually charge you. Of course, David has to continually slam the government in each conference call. Save it, and get us that SBIC facility. Anyone who doesn't get an LOC from the SBA is not doing right by shareholders.



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      • Over past four quarters, the NAV has dropped $2.13 which Is faster than the dividend rate. This can't continue for much longer. Maybe Gladstone is too much old school and the BDC model has to be updated to take advantage of todays technologies. Where are the successful incubators today and how do they achieve success? I'm still holding but am quite concerned now about where GLAD is headed.

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