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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 Jul 22, 2011 8:32 PM Flag

    I know I will get solid differing opinion here

    So what does the current budget meltdown do to ORB as well as the market and national discourse as well. This latest development is discouraging and disgusting. I believe there are slackers in our society taking benefits they do not deserve as well as others avoiding taxes they should pay for the services provided by the republic. Opinions are welcomed but please do not repeat a Rush Limbaugh rant or a Pelosi shrill.

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    • Not a current meltdown but one that has grown over several decades , combined with gradual changes in demographics, and entrenched legislative blindness and greed ("what will it take to get myself reelected?). Real oldfashioned american patriotism and exceptionalism is dying along with "the greatest generation".

      Cut, Cap and Balance, baby. And by the way, what happened to term limits and campaign funding reform? Why should it take ten years to get back to a balanced budget? Face the systemic issues and get it solved in 3 years.

      And revoke Obamacare and close down 50% of useless gov. departments full of non-producing bureaucrats. Turn the private sector loose; get serious about energy independence AND conservation, etc. etc.

      Sorry if I sound strident, but I believe gov't is the problem ...not the solution. ORB is part of the Defense/NASA solution in meeting our strategic objectives at a fraction of the cost of bloated gov't programs. Just my 2 cents, Tom.

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      • Both parties over time have had a hand in creating this mess. I do not trust cut, cap and balance as far as I can throw it because I see it working the same way as term limits in that as soon as the party in power has the chance to abrogate any part they will. There are definitely some agencies we could do without but lobbyists supporting those programs from both sides of the aisle will never allow it. I would get rid of the Dept. of Ed for one thing but I would also cut a heck of a lot of the subsidies going to agricultural products and natural resource extractors. And there are other programs that need to have much stronger controls to make sure only those most deserving can partake of services. But we have a mess that needs to be cleaned up for sure and I am not sure any of our leaders have the wisdom or backbone to make the tough choices.