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  • mcrf52 mcrf52 May 29, 2012 8:59 AM Flag

    Not sure how this is good news for Orbital

    Hi Tom...loved your post, but rated it 2 in error. I still can't seem to press the right star value on my keyboard,sorry

    I am kind of glad ORB isn't yet looking at manned flight to low earth orbit. Tons of risk there. I agree about there is only so many deliveries one can make, and the ISS does have a finite life. That said, the applications for this type delivery system is beyond my scope of vision. Again, the Antares as a reliable mid sized launch vehicle is what ORB is focusing on.

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    • Gave your's a 4 star rating although could have been a 5. If Orbital can deliver more cheaply and efficiently than others I will be happy and that is a purpose of having more than one group show what they can do. I just want to believe that Orbital will not stifle work in other areas and put too many eggs in the Antares basket. I am moving from hold to very speculative buy based on belief that the mission will go well.