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  • clamdigger_97 clamdigger_97 Jun 4, 2012 12:09 PM Flag

    Antares Updates

    Pretty interesting photos and updates on Antares (aka Taurus II) and Cygnus capsule at this page:

    Check out the PDF of Frank Culbertson's Feb 2012 presentation.

    The next few months will be very important to the COTS program and to ORB! If ORB is successful I think they can get back in this game in a big way. SpaceX is the current hot date, but lets see what ORB can do before we count them out.

    Check out the Antares Update. clam

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    • A good video interview with a NASA official about the ORB Cots upcoming mission on the Antares page of the company website. Looks like a few more delays in the schedule according to the read I got from ORB Duetschbank presentation. On the good side, SEC has no issues with CRS revenue recognition as far,and the Pegusus launch of the NuStar telescope has been getting some nice press.

    • Hey Clam.
      I have been reading the updates in conjunction with the last quarterly conference call to see where ORB is in relation to where they said they would be. So far ,so good as I see it. That said they still have to complete a few more things before the July hot test on the pad.
      I am gonna differ a bit with you here on the COTS program. I think that SpaceX has made it an undeniable success. While launches and capsules like the Dragon are no easy chore, SpaceX is now in the free throw percentage stage ,as opposed to the does it work? stage.
      Recall that ORB was once the hot date back in 1990s, and is now a true rocket science company with a business model of which launch vehicles is a part , and not the whole. Next week we shoot out a NASA satelitte out of the Pegusus rocket aboard ORBs Stargazerr plane. That was the wpw concept back in the 1990s when we built the ORBCOMM system., and is now still in use.