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  • mcrf52 mcrf52 Jun 20, 2012 12:06 PM Flag

    Chart Looking Better

    The stock sure has acted better. Management has been pretty adamant about not buying back shares until 2013 when they project cash flow to be positive. Once again, the success of the Antares will be the driver here. Once the CRS launches are in full gear, ORB will be able to book the higher revenues associated with the contract which are sitting in receivables right now. At that point management will decide how to employ that positive cash flow,expected to be in the 150millon range over three years.

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    • Grrrr..... Every single time I attempt to rate 5stars on the IPad I screw up!!!

      Your post rates 10 stars, wonder I am out of work for 5 years now.

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      • Don't be too generous, Doc, every time I make a positive post the stock takes a dump. Thanks for your solid fundamental analysis.

      • Doc, Re: iPad, etc. I bought a MacBook Pro w 11" screen 2 yrs ago after 35 yrs with Mr Softie. I just like a keypad. But it is easy to take on trips. Actually my first computer was an Apple ripoff called Franklin. Jobs shut them down and they morphed into the king of handheld language translators. go figger. Last month I bought one for my wife who was whining about hhow slow her 5 yr old Dell was acting. Now we are a Mac family.

        I too had an unplanned career shift at age 45 but was able to segue (sp?) into consulting and intermittent CFO jobs until age 55 when we sold up everything in Pittsburgh and moved to Cape Cod. We built our dream retirement home and after finding almost nothing for part time work (wife owned a retail apparel store in Pgh) we jumped into the B&B business and I started vacuuming, fishing, and digging clams and oysters.

        I thought I could quickly get the hang of retirement investing but found it was not as easy as I thought (e.g. ORB). ORB and AVAV are just about the only tech stocks left in my portfolio. I took a plunge on gold/silver miners and am getting hammered. Otherwise I have finally gotten the message of income investing and avoiding risk.

        Sorry for the longwinded post but the wife is in Kiawah on a 'girlie & grandkids' week so I have time for all the jobs I did not get to and a little golf & fishing. If you ever get out to Cape Cod, give me a shout and we'll give you a good deal at the Oyster Cove B&B. Fingers crossed for ORB. clam