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  • clamdigger_97 clamdigger_97 Jun 24, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    ORB stock slumping for summer?

    Musk getting the news hype. The three amigos patiently waiting for the COTS mission final test. What is latest timetable? Stock probaably will languish until that uncertainty is resolved. Maybe go clamming on the big full moon tide. ZZZZZ

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Hey Clam.... Timetable is September I believe. There is a chance we go earlier. Currently ,Japan has a cargo mission on tap for early August, but if there is a slippage , Orbital may be called upon to fill the gap.
      The stock is pretty much where we thought it would be. Okay , a half a buck lower, I will concede. I suspect the shorter term guys got a bit frustrated when the upward momentum stopped a few weeks back. In addition we have had a bit of a correction in the market in general. Tomorrow night we get a Pegusus launch, so hold on tight for all to go well. I figure we move back up to the 18 level if all goes well. Next month is earnings, and a Minotor V launch to that great big Moon in August. These 3 things should get us to the bigger resistance level of 19.50ish we have talked about prior to the Demo mission.
      On the news front, there has been some concerns regarding the future availability of AJ 26 engines for ORB to build the Antares beyond this CRS contract. We are now also in a lawsuit against UAL for preventing ORB from securing RD 180 engine , to which UAL has exclusive rights until 2018. I am not sure I like the sound of all addition , NASA caught some flak from government audits which claim that payments to ORB have been issued too far in advance of the missions success. Nothing seems to go smoothly with ORB it seems, with land mines seemingly around every corner. We need some good stuff to happen.....gonna make some linguinne and clam sauce on Friday in your honor....