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  • bebrian bebrian Dec 19, 1997 2:30 PM Flag

    competitive advantage

    Thank's for your input. So in your opinion, first to market is the key. I agree with some of that. What about the competitive advantage that Orbital may have in regard to being a virtual turn-key operation. Manufacturing,launch,GPS software,hardware etc. What about proprietory technologies,proceses etc. Being a Logistics, Supply Chain Management professional, I get excited about the potential of Orbital's total package, not just the Orbcomm piece.

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    • All Eight New Satellites Now Well Along With In-Orbit Testing

      (DULLES, VA 30 DECEMBER 1997) -- Orbital Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: ORBI) announced today that it has now successfully
      contacted and activated the one remaining ORBCOMM satellite that had not initially been in communication with ground controllers.
      Orbital has determined that this last satellite to be contacted is healthy and is expected to be fully functional when it completes
      its performance testing over the next several weeks. In addition, Orbital has substantially resolved an electrical power
      situation on another satellite that was previously reported. As announced last week, Orbital launched eight data communications
      satellites into a near-perfect low-Earth orbit for its ORBCOMM Global, L.P. affiliate aboard the company�s Pegasus rocket. All eight
      new ORBCOMM satellites are expected to be placed in commercial service in about 90 days.

    • Your 10% increase is looking good course you missed it by a day LOL. Happy are we.. Have a great New Year.

    • Thats all they are willing to say. We'll know more by Wedesday. The price of ORBI went up 1/2 point by 3:30pm

    • Whats the latest up there . Anyone know? Getting a little nervous in the desert but very hopeful.

    • Any more good news? ORBI PR says 24 hours to confirm if all are functioning, but can you update us on any more launch news

      Restless in Detroit

    • Just called orbital Science at 4:21 est. Launch was good, thats all they can say at the moment.

    • The launch was on Telstar 5 C band transponder 20. My reception was lousy but could here lots of "nominals" thru 4th stage ignition.

    • eight satellites !!! I would expect a ten percent premium if all goes well. As for a live feed, we'd probally have to be in the cockpit.

    • A successful launch means increase in: reliability of the launch system, company credibility, launch rate, potential business in small communication satellite launch services which in turn increase in revenue and potentially P/E. My gut feeling is at least 10% increase before the market close tomorrow noon if the launch is flawless. Stay tune

    • It seems weak to respond with reasons of delay due to weather or software. Orbital is not some gov't area 51 project. Those
      of us on the know were aware of the elimanation of the Hydrazine vent as the reason for the revocation of Orbital's license.We
      would have rather had a more straightforeward approach to the gov't concern and action. If you say that software was at fault, i
      will not dispute that as I only get that which the media provides. But to not mention the vent in the fourth stage when the media
      has surfaced it probably was not goo P.R. overall. I will remain confident that it will be resolved between Orbital and the U.S.
      gov't, but I have lost confidience in the P.R. dept of Orbital. I feel sorry for Mr. Barron if he was just following orders but I
      will remember this occurance at the next election. Now lets make the U.S. happy and get do what necessary to get back to

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      • Orbital has never had a good Public Relations dept. Over the years I have squirmed everytime I see one of their launches on
        CNN. Invariably the Pegasus is referred to as a 'Nasa' or 'Air Force' rocket. When Gene Rodenberry flew piggyback on a mission
        carrying a Spanish satellite, Pegasus was even termed a 'Spanish' rocket. On the bright side, however, I like to think that such
        pathetic PR efforts mean there are that many more people out there to push up the stock price once they find out about this company.

        December 19, 1997

        Orbital is now in final preparations for the launch of eight ORBCOMM satellites aboard the company�s Pegasus rocket. The U.S. Department of Transportation has reinstated our launch license after all recommended software modifications were made and approved.

        Today, Orbital�s engineering team at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California re-mated the Pegasus rocket with the L-1011 carrier aircraft in preparation for the cross-country ferry flight to the launch site at NASA�s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The ferry flight is now scheduled for tomorrow, December 20th.

        Once the aircraft and rocket arrive at Wallops on Saturday, and complete the standard final pre-launch tests, Orbital�s goal is to conduct the launch on Monday, December 22, or Tuesday, December 23rd.

        However, at the time of this update, the local weather forecast is not promising for Monday. If we are unable to conduct the launch on Monday for weather reasons, we would try again Tuesday. The launch window extends from about 1:45 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Eastern time.

        We will issue the next update Sunday, December 21st.