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  • stockexpert stockexpert Dec 30, 1997 11:25 AM Flag

    Good Stock

    Hang on for the ride. I see $60 a share by middle of year.

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    • Assuming the next two Pegasus launches are like this last one the world
      is going to wake up to a new satellite communication system. At a cost of a little over 300 million-cheap.

      The uses for ORBCOMM are becoming apparent with each passing day.
      Commercial and Military uses are popping up all over.

      OSC is on its way after many ho hum years. This from a former Limited Partner and current stock holder.

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      • My curiosity about ORBI, which I finally bought the day of the last big crash (20 minutes before they shut down the market), is how the market will react to a launch failure. I'm prepared to ride those things out but, unlike say stock in United Air Lines -- which has its next airplane crash already built into the stock (mostly), I'm not sure how mature the market will be when a Pegasus or Taurus or what-have-you fails on the way up.

        I mean, the market got awfully excited about a success which needs to be an ordinary event for ORBI's long-term success. It could be a rough ride (but one I'm enjoying).