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  • phovanes phovanes Jan 6, 1998 4:03 PM Flag

    Intelligent Discourse

    I'm kind of new to this message site and must say I am somewhat dumbfounded by the tone of some of the messages being
    posted. I may be foolish but I had thought that this was an area where intelligent people could exchange news and views concerning
    the stock of interest (in this case ORBI). Perhaps I was wrong in this assumption! May I humbly suggest that everyone keep their
    personal rants to themselves. If this is done then perhaps we could all 'trade info' (real information, not stilted opinions!) and
    clearly thought out opinions that may help us make the correct investment decisions we all for.

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    • This is truly an exciting company and I hope you can find some helpful information on this board. I've owned the stock since
      1991, partially on the advice of a well respected aerospace analyst who claimed "Orbital Sciences is in the position Xerox was 33
      years ago today" Over the past year I've substantially increased my position. I think it's important to keep in mind that their
      well diversified ( their not even classified in the same industry as Iridium and Globalstar). Orbcom will continue to carve out a
      strong in the communications arena and prove to be a cash cow. Sales from Magellen were very strong over Christmas and will
      continue. In an era of rapid growth in satellite utilization they can build them AND lanch at half the conventional cost.The balance
      sheet looks good too, but most important, THERE MAKING MONEY!!!

      I'm strapped in and on my way to the moon, hope to see you there.

    • He'll find Earlybird which has been undergoing an encounter of the 3rd kind. The EarlyBird gets the Worm.

      posted on 1/3/98 at 02:34 UTC by Keith Stein

      On December 28, 1997 the Early Bird 1 spacecraft, owned by EarthWatch Inc., experienced an "interruption in communications", according to an announcement by EarthWatch Inc.

      Early Bird, a remote earth imaging satellite for EarthWatch Inc. and built by Orbital Sciences Corp. (OSC), was launched on December 24, 1997 aboard a Russian Start 1 booster from the Svobodny Space Center.

      The orbit has been measured to be stable "with no chance of early reentry", according to the EarthWatch report.

      If communications are reestablished, controllers plan to issue commands to "stabilize the spacecraft and conserve power".

      Early Bird uses a UHF radio frequency to downlink signals to ground stations around the world.

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      • I agree with phovanes. Take your damn whining else where!! I happen to work indirectly with ORBI at Vandenberg AFB. If you
        don't know what you are talking about (and it shows) don't post it!!! The space business is not easy!!! NASA has punished ORBI for
        its delays in '94 and '95 plus with the delays with Taurus (some payloads moved to Delta II). ORBI is growing and growing fast.
        I've been a shareholder since day one (Apr 1990) and almost stock the stock in Apr. Since then I have to say it's been a great
        ride. It may appear that ORBI can now be included on their way to becoming a reliable launch vehicle. The next Pegasus-XL launch
        (from Vandenberg AFB) is set for 22/23 Jan 98 (carrying a NASA payload)

        ORBI success (16 for 19): (3 failures 94, 95 ,96) (5 straight this year)

        Taurus: 1 for 1 (success) next launch late Jan 98 (finally)