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  • Stock69Boy Stock69Boy Jan 19, 1998 10:02 PM Flag

    ORBI has an earnings warning from the c

    I called the company and they do not expect to meet the street's
    view on their earnings, but they do expect to meet the 1998 year
    results. So even though this earnings report may show weakness,
    the year is full of good things to follow!!!

    Check out this web site!! Everyone expects a correction
    this coming week!!!!!!!

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    • Taurus is now set for 9 Feb (pending approval).
      Pegasus-XL/SNOE is set for 4 Feb - approved

      This is accurate and will even post a "bouns" on late 1 Feb or early morning 2 Feb

    • I don't know why companies are reluctant to participate on message boards,perhaps for obvious for one thing a discussion board sometimes get wild and unruly,no time to go through all and sundry message boards,perhaps don't consider it good medium to disseminate company information,also people can fake their identity when appearing on the boards etc etc.
      The only place I have seen a director of investor relations appear occassionaly is on the Silicon Investor board (most popular investment discussion board on the net),and that is Mr.John Hull of Intel.

      I know a lot of companies monitor various message boards to get a feel of what investors are thinking and talking about,perhaps even participate under different identities.

      As for my pull with the company,I have none,except that I have been a loyal Orbi investor for the last 3 years and I do contact companies directly to get information.

      Just my thoughts, I could be wrong in my explanations.

    • but I wonder why Mr Barron Beneski dosen't put the latest updated info on this post board. Marette you have been doing a super job of keeping us informed but this other guy is working for the Company and has the most current info. Any chance you have any pull with him and can get him of his staff to do it? As always best regards and thanks.

    • info obtained via email from Orbital Science Corp.

      Hello Mohan Marette:
      While eating lunch at my desk, I was browsing through the internet discussion groups about Orbital and noticed you posted a message on a Silicon Investor discussion thread about our upcoming launches.
      You are working with news that is a little dated.� Here's the latest:
      Pegasus carrying SNOE/BATSAT - Launch currently planned for end of January/first week in February
      Taurus carrying U.S. Navy GFO satellite/2 ORBCOMM satellites - Launch currently planned for first half of February (can't be more specific at this time)
      Pegasus carrying TRACE (NASA satellite) - Launch currently planned for end of February/early March
      Pegasus carrying eight ORBCOMM satellites - Launch currently planned for end of March early April
      Pegasus carrying eight ORBCOMM satellites (to complete the 28
      satellite constellation) - Launch currently planned before the end of June (mid-year)
      This schedule is for planning purposes only.� As you have correctly mentioned in past messages you have posted, launch schedules are continually being updated/adjusted by all launch vehicle providers,including Orbital.� This is nothing unusual.
      This schedule also dovetails with what we have been saying for many months now - that we are planning to complete the launches of the ORBCOMM satellites by mid-year 1998.
      I just want to make sure that the information being circulated around the internet is accurate.
      ���� Regards.
      ���� Barron Beneski
      ���� Director - Public and Investor Relations
      ���� Orbital Sciences Corp.

    • Hello Marette:
      ���� I am obviously limited in what I can tell you about earnings before we
      ���� report.
      First, we have NOT issued any earnings warnings.

      Second, I also want to call your attention to First Call's concensus estimates
      that have us at $0.18.

      Third, legally, I can't comment in any way on whether or not we expect to meet
      these estimates.� Sorry.

      Barron Beneski/Public Relations
      Orbital Science Corp.

      • 1 Reply to marette
      • Feb. 3: Orbital Sciences Pegasus XL with the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer (SNOE) spacecraft and BATSAT comsat staged from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Launch Time TBD.

        Feb. 5: Boeing Delta 2 (7420) on flight 254 with Globalstar Mission-1 (4 comsats) from pad 17A Cape Canaveral Air Station, Fla. Launch time approximately 8:22 a.m. EST (1322 GMT).

        Feb. 12: Japanese H-2 (Vehicle No. 5) with the experimental Communications and Broadcast Engineering Test Satellite (COMETS) from the Tanageshima Space Center, Japan. Launch time approximately 11 p.m. EST (0400 GMT).

        Feb. 15: Orbital Sciences Pegasus XL with ORBCOMM-2 mission (8 comsats) staged from Wallops Flight Facility, Va. Launch Time TBD.

        Indefinite: Orbital Sciences Taurus with the Navy's Geosat Follow-On oceanography spacecraft, 2 ORBCOMM comsats, and Celestis-2 from Space Launch Complex-576 East at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif, during a launch window of 10:12 to 10:46 a.m. EST (1512-1546 GMT).

    • Oh yeah, they just warned you,I suppose as a special favor to you? I don't recall seeing any news release to this effect. Whaddya trying spread some rumor or something???? You know we have ways of finding these things out,in case you didn't know.