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  • angelo Jan 20, 1998 11:28 AM Flag

    Delays in the launches are nothing new!!

    It seems that another delay is at hand. Oh well!
    Delays are sometimes needed to ensure the quality of
    the launches for a better success rate. Actually I
    would be more worried if there were never delays at all,
    because the failure rate would probably be higher.
    As it stands, ORBI's failure rate is almost none at all!

    I wonder if we will compete for market share against
    AOL for internet services in the near future!!!
    The cost of services would sure be cheaper than AOL since
    satellites can cover more ground than host computers
    relying on limited phone lines...

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    • aol and orbi have different business models.
      a more pertinent comment would've beee:
      orbi is trying get its first foot on the door to challenge isp's and telco's. if orbi can really deliver great satellite transmission, then it would be a great lure for individuals and companies who are stuck with kbps modems. a good analogy would be the emergence of satellite TV.