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  • whskyjck whskyjck Mar 16, 1998 9:13 PM Flag

    no faith in my convictions

    Bought 100 shares orbital sciences at $18/share watched it fall to $14 or so, sold all when it hit $20.50. ohwattafooliam.
    now it's going to cost big bucks to get back in. I think this stock is still in it's infancy price-wise. It will skyrocket.

    whskyjck out

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    • Why the hype over Teledeisc? ORBI built BATSAT - thats it! BATSAT or T-1 is a protype and nothing like the real satellites that will be going up in a few years.
      ORBI has no contract to build any of the "T" satellites and the Pegasus sure can't carry any of those satellites. BATSAT fit on a Pegasus but the operational ones will not fit plus they are too heavy. Taurus maybe if it is below 3,000 lbs.
      There is no reason to get worked up over ORBI and Teledeisc right now.
      MSFT or Gates - how do you seperate the two? You can't.

    • I'm aware of what Teledesic is planning, but with Boeing as
      the main contractor and part owner, I'd have thought
      they'd get the lion's share of the launches. Boeing is supposed to
      do the satellite construction, according to either the Boeing
      or Teledesic web page (can't remember which page).
      I'd love for ORBI to get as big a piece of the Teledesic action as
      possible, of course. But right now, I don't see it as at all likely.

    • Orbital's role isn't clear yet. All they have done so far is launch (and partially build, it appears) what seems to be a satellite to demonstrate some of the advanced technology features that are going to be needed for an ambitious project like Teledesic.

      The actual Teledesic constellation is still up for grabs. Hughes is a leading contender for the main electronics/communications package, NEC is making a bid for the bus (the box that other subsystems fit into), Matra is after the inter-satellite links, etc. So what Orbital has done is good, but it's unlikely that they will dominate the project. I wish they could; it would do wonders for the stock.

    • I wouln't get too optimistic at this point about ORBI handling too much for Teledesic. There is a long way to go before satellites are manufactured and launched.

      Boeing is prime contractor too. For ORBI to get the work would require subcontacting a piece of their work. Also, at this point, the only economical means of launching the Teledesic system is using multiple satellites per launch. I would speculate that Boeing will use the SeaLaunch (which it partly owns and operates) to launch at least 12 satellites per launch. I don't believe ORBI could handle it.

      Anyway, production is not set before 2000, so I wouldn't add it to the backlog yet.

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      From: beneski.barron@Orbital.COM <beneski.barron@Orbital.COM>
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      Date: Tuesday, March 17, 1998 9:47 AM
      Subject: Re: Nasa 'scramjet project', military order, and Orbi's website

      >Hello Mohan Marette:
      >1. In reply to your inquiry about Orbital's involvement in the Hyper-X program for NASA, here is the latest information:

      >Orbital originally issued a press release announcing the contract award on 6/3/97.� Subsequently, over 60 articles have been written on the subject in various aerospace trade publications.� Orbital's visibility in this project is limited to our role - we are using a Pegasus first stage to accelerate a small, unmanned aircraft known as Hyper-x to sufficient speed for it to separate and fly autonomously at speeds up to Mach 10 and reach altitudes of up to 100,000.�

      >Another company, MicroCraft, is building the actual Hyper-X vehicle for NASA and, as expected, NASA and MicroCraft receive the lion's share of the publicity.

      >For Orbital, it is an excellent contract for us brought about by our unique expertise and proprietary air-launch technology.�

      >A good article was in Aviation Week and Space Technology in the 10/13/97 issue written by Michael Dornheim.

      >2. We plan to introduce a new-look web site, perhaps as early as next week, with an investor relations section containing points of contact and an electronic request form.�

      >Yes, I agree, overdue. Sometimes, our emphasis on a small, lean corporate staff (IR/PR together consists of me, Maureen O'Kane and a PR assistant (no agency) may have a downside. On the other hand, our technology and reliable operations speaks volumes.

      >Best regards,

      >Barron Beneski
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      >Subject: Nasa 'Scramjet project', military order, and Orbi's website.
      >Author:� "Marette" <> at osc-link
      >Date:��� 3/16/98 7:12 PM
      >Hello Barron,
      >1.Nasa 'Ramjet project'.
      >�� target=new >

      >I quote the following excerpt from the above site:-
      >Each Hyper-X vehicle will ride on the first stage of an Orbital Sciences Corp., Dulles, VA,� booster rocket, which will be launched by the Dryden B-52.� For each flight, the booster will accelerate the Hyper-X research vehicle to the test conditions (Mach 5, 7 or 10) at� approximately 100,000 feet.� There, it will separate from the booster� and fly under its own power andpreprogrammed control........."
      >Strange,we haven't heard anything about this from Orbital or did we?? If not,I was wondering how come? Is it not worth much or something?
      >2.Military order:
      >I kinda know now why you haven't put out any news on this, but have you a� handle on this order yet and do you intened to come out with any press release on it soon, just curious.
      >3.Orbital website:
      >I heard many prospective investors of Orbital Science complaining about not� seeing an email address for investor relations at the Orbital
      >website. Could you kindly remedy this situation please as I am afraid
      >a lot of people might get turned off with this and we don't want to loose any potential investors for a minor thing like this. Just a thought.
      >Thank you much in advance for your help and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      >Best Regards
      >Mohan Marette

    • If you stated "It (Orbital) will skyrocket", will you buy it at this price then. Please say, yes. We need more buyers to increase its value.