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  • red_wombat80 red_wombat80 Jan 20, 2004 8:54 AM Flag


    wondering what folks think about the earnings just posted. i'm hoping that the conference call is encouraging about the outlook.

    I felt that the earnings were disappointing. Without the one-time recovery of bad debt earnings would have been below last year's quarter. Fortunately, based on the stock price, I don't believe the expectations were very high. And, it is always nice to see the balance sheet strengthening.

    Any other views?

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    • nmoil_da_monkey_wins_1in3 nmoil_da_monkey_wins_1in3 Jan 20, 2004 10:52 AM Flag

      Good comments, without Sales increases it's hard to see the modest growth story I was counting on. "difficult retail environment" has bugged me for sometime, with WMT sales always up. I wonder how much of that top line decline is "Everyday Low(er) Prices"?

      Agreed on the stock price, imo this E report supports $13-$15, higher takes a clearer growth picture.

      So they'll need to work on acquisitions, new product lines, fashion trends, cost controls, all the stuff their business is made of.

      I wonder if any ancestral ties to that other Tandy (Radio Shack) remain? Seems like there must be a large market for cases / covers (upscale leather?) for all the cellphone/PDA/portable DVD toys out there. How about a Tandy Leather kiosk in Radio Shacks?

      Just a thought but IMO that is their job now, develop growth opportunities.