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  • papadynamite papadynamite Jul 13, 2010 8:06 PM Flag

    Anybody hear about "consolidation"

    If you expect this to go up everyday, find a stairway to the sky! Parabolic rises end in bearish wedges. PWER is behaving in a normal manner. rise, consolidate, and then rise. Along the way there are different resistance zones. Learn where they are and you can become a successful trader. The same applies to support zones.

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    • chances are the only " williams " they grew up w/ were either relatives or friends , as with Oscillators they think of a fan to coolo off w/ as well , chances are a " MAC " to some are a burger and a horizontal is lying on the sofa watching a sit-com and " strength " is weight lifting . Don't dare mention Fibo or fans . Some have a hard time figuring up or down it seems , just as well .