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  • retiredrhb retiredrhb Sep 24, 2010 4:02 PM Flag

    Moronic Posts


    What's with you Shorts? All we hear from you are moronic one-liners. How about some intelligent insight backed up with facts or at least some intelligent thoughts. I like to hear opposing opinions and not a bunch of trash talk. Many longs post crap too but some of the posts are worth reading. Here are some of the posts from shorts today:

    - Listen and Learn (Listen and Learn what? You didn't post anything else?)

    - I think I will get a RED car, cause a red one is faster. (So what? Why would we care?)

    - Why buy PWER at 8.33 when you can get it for 7 (And why would it drop to 7? What is your basis for that comment?)

    - This pig is going to drop to 2.50 (What insight? Why would that happen and why do you always call a stock that you short, "pig"?)

    - Double Orders (Are you impying some kind of crime? Where's your evidence? Is that all you have to say?)

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    • Andy , check em out at the D , theres some good ones and 2 ify's

    • I post drivel in response to absolute c*#p that the longs spew out. If you take a collection of the long idiotic comments they will out number the moronic short post 250:1. If you read throughout the week then this stock would be at $250 per share by now.

      This stock went parabolic from $6 to $12, and retail investors ran it from $6 to $12, the fund managers, hedge funds and smart money accumulated this position from $2 to $6. If you want to see what will happen to this stock, go back and take a look at SQM from 2005.

      Does it look familiar? Now I don`t doubt that this is a fantastic company, with strong fundamentals, and solid management, but it just went up too fast, run up by the same people that say this stock is going to the moon and back twice in one day.

      Now go back, sift through the comments on this board and post a selection under idiotic stupid posts saying this will be $12 by the close and $20-$25 by the end of the week. Or it is a buy out target. Or a merger is in the works, take your pick of the best of the c&*p, there is alot to choose from.

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      • Here is another Moronic Post to the upside.

        This stock is consolidating at 8+ level. Why? Hedge funds who shorted other stocks are caught with their pants down the only way they can offset thier short losses is by selling big gainers i.e. PWER.

        This will not last too long, I like the fact that it has stayed around high 8's despite sales of over 60 million shares in the past few days.

    • I posted a buy at 8.33 to close a gap but then saw what an ugly weekly chart that made and stated so. With so little time left in the day I didn't think it looked good. I have been very long since the insider news but a couple of very disheartening days since. Long term long winner.

    • thats because most shorts r morons u have to be to be shorting power 1 at the bottommaybe when it was at 13 last week u short it then not after it went down,lol

    • You forgot this one:

      "don't know about chambers and maria.........all i do know is huge investment funds are unloading all they can today.........

      take a letter maria........."

      in response to my previous post:

      Now the price standing at around 9$ is kinda telling us that the market give us a forward PE of 10 (considering the worst case of a 10% decrease of our 2011EPS estimate inline with the market) cause our margins could be hurted like SMA.


      PV market will be flat next year as worst case. So installed capacity will be around 18GW and our EPS estimates won't decrease.

      At the opposite it will increase cause our market share will be around 20% in the last half/last quarter of this year. Indeed I expect they will install around 750MW this quarter and 1GW next quarter.

      Considering next year, even considering a decrease of selling prices/decrease of production capacity so that PWER will sell 220M$ of inverters for each GW installed instead of 240M$ (like last quarter), you can see that 3.6GW installed would equate to 792M$ of 2011 inverter sales. If you add up around 360M$ of power sales (90M$/quarter is quite conservative) you end up with 1152M$ sales.

      Now if you think that our net margin (last quarter standing at 14% despite the Haity facility closure costs) will be mantained at around a 15% at least after the new facilities' startup costs, you got 172M$ as 2011 earnings or 1.22EPS (with 142M shares outstanding).

      I think that during next ER the CEO will talk about their price policy to strengthen that their margins won't be affected by SMA margins decrease since PWER didn't increase the price of their inverters during this sale boom.

      So would you give a forward PE of 10 to a company which is going to grow their sales 20+% and EPS 50+% YOY? A company with low debt which is fighting to lead a hyper growing sector and with a decade of experience in power conversion and efficiency? Just yesterday I heard John Chambers on CNBC talking to Maria Bartiromo with the CEO of Duke Energy. He was telling that energy efficiency and the smart grid will be the next "internet".