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  • irobotphn irobotphn May 18, 2011 10:19 AM Flag

    Ilogical Logical

    In addition to Logicals constantly changing opinion on PWER a stock he claims to have no podion in, he also now suggests that GE would enter the inverter business with a homegrown product.

    He thinks that because they have factories already its a peice of cake.

    The fact is to build a product line from scratch with the breadth of PWER's would take a massive parallell effort by multiple engineering teams. The design process involves prototypes, that have to be debugged and perfected, multiple build stages that incorporate problems found each which results in a new round of testing including harsh environmental testing which takes time and may reveal design flaws that must be corrected which results in all testing restarting again. Establishing components thatt will be available for the products lifecycle, sweating those components etc. Producing product drawing packages, mech drawings, schematics, assembly drawings. Setting up production lines designing automated test solutions. The list goes on and on
    GE in my opinion could not build and qualify a product line which could compete and establish sales channels in less than 6 years IMO.

    irobotphn (Electrical Engineer)

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