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  • chasjohn02 chasjohn02 May 18, 2011 10:49 AM Flag

    Ilogical Logical

    GE is already in the inverter business and also has under one corporate roof all the component parts used in inverters. GE is also heavily into turbine technology. I am also an EE who has had years of experience with GE products.

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    • Well there you go already in the business but not competing very well if they aren't even number 3.

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      • Yes, GE is in the solar inverter biz and even got the federal government to fund some of their development cost under the SunShot initiative.

        My disagreement with LT was about whether or not GE got into it because PWER demonstrated it to be a goldmine of opportunity and GE is out to steal that business from PWER. LT claims that was the case and that it means a dogfight for PWER going forward. I say GE has been in the inverter business for a long time (at least since 2004) and not because they said hey look at PWER's income, let's go steal that business from them. For GE, a large turbine mfg. and now getting into PVs, there's is synergy in also having a line of inverters. But that's old news (2004 at least) and it doesn't follow that they will put PWER out of business -- both because PWER can develop markets and technologies that do not compete head-to-head with GE and because PWER is a smaller, more focused company with higher efficiencies.