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  • me_gtc me_gtc Jan 8, 2013 12:47 PM Flag


    We must agree PWER management is ethical, since they aren't "dumping 250 share per month into the market" as you said during your description of "unethical". In the last 6 months, PWER management has sold a total of 228,080 shares, which is 38,013/month, or 0.024% of shares per month.

    So I ask again, why do retail shorts always lie? Who do they think believes them? Where do they think the price would be if they weren't playing around here?

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    • Most likely much lower. If you didn't have Me bringing attention PWER wouldn't have any attention.
      What % of buys are mixed in these sales ? ZERO Why would Top MGT sell such a valuable asset at fire side sales? Because they know something is a miss and there trying to get out of this house of cards.

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      • Now that's funny! You're holding up the price by calling it a "house of cards"? And it is a house of cards compared to the money-losing, debt-destroyed companies you push instead? You're calling it to the attention of who that hasn't proved they know about PWER by coming to this board?

        Yet despite all your efforts, PWER is up on a day the market is down.

        I ask again, why do retail shorts always lie? You seem so helpful, LOL, just tell me.