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  • iq180plus iq180plus Nov 12, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    That whining mindless turd certainly cast a pall over the proceedings.

    Have no idea why he thinks an IR push is going to help with credibilty, when they have Morgan Stanely Private Investment Asia sitting on the companies board and providing $100 milllion dollars in convertible preffered shares, that convert at $6.25 I believe. They are putting up shinning new cutting edge capacity, and selling it. i.e full capacity is now 390.000 tonnes and they sold over 90,000 tonnes in their latest quarter. Despite the 2.54 EPS run rate, I think the whining turd is about to throw in the towel and start selling the shares he claims his firm has held for 3 years. Good riddance.
    My disappointment in terms of shareprice is that it seemed that artfull accumulation has been going on for the better part of the year, and after such a transformative quarter I assumed they would bump up their buying range, but that seems not to be true, instead we get the whining turd factor and with it flat to slghtly down shareprice.
    In short, managment is clearly world class and Morgan Stantley's involvment-my god, 2 members on the board of directors--gives the companies results complete and utter credibilty. It is not there fault the h-town shorts rule the day in the sector.

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    • Thanks for the compliment..LOL.... Whats the short interest numbers???.. Please explain your h-town short thesis.. Waiting with baited breath..IR is just part of the equation (just tell us whats going on with the biz more than every 3 months) its not a push Mr., I certainly think someone with your IQ would understand what the problem is..

    • Look, if you had held a stock for three years and the company was putting up great numbers but the stock was going nowhere, you'd be anxious and calling for a fullout IR push. It's a normal reaction. However, what small companies like CDXC need, is not someone whining on their conference call, but rather meeting with management and educating them how to get on the radar screen--host a dinner for them in NYC and put out invites, help get them invited to things like the Red Cap conference. Do an IR-101 primer on what investors want to know. Most pros could care less about hearing a company bleeting about how cheap their valuation is-- when I hear mgmt. start talking about valuation of their stock, I turn off and tune out, because their job is to run the business, my job is to figure out where the stock should trade.

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      • What you clearly can't comprehend is the numbers on THIS quarter are a new development, they are a step up, a game changer, they have an entirely new story to tell. The financial metrics are now mind-blowing, more so than the previouis quarter, the first half of the year. They have proven they can execute, they have proven they can sell out most all of the new capacity that taylors to the high end of the market, where margins are higher. This particular quarter is a game changer. And the problem is you don't realize the ramifications of what just happened operationally. Most investors have an excuse, they don't know the story. They don't know the financial backing of Morgan Stanley Asia. Those aware of the story, espcially those like the whiner and his investment house are in a postion to bring it to the attention to the likes of Oberwiese. If I could pick up the phone and talk to them, they would do the DD and start accumulating a sizable postion But instead this turd just whines on the conf call, and it sounds like he is starting to unload shares, which will continue to pressure the stocks share price.


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