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  • spixleatedlifeform spixleatedlifeform Nov 8, 2007 12:29 PM Flag

    Sucker selling

    That's all it is.
    Dump a couple hundred shares to pick up any stop loss entries with their brokers (a truly BAD way to do things, your broker isn't going to sit there and wait for a stock to drop to your 5-10-15% sell point. They simply post it as a 'sell at' which the specialist or market maker can see and when they need/want more shares for themselves or a tute client they walk it down, taking out the fools too lazy to keep their stop losses to themselves--ready to pull their own trigger if it's reached. You just do not do a posted stop loss in a low outstanding share count stock like ARCI.)
    I'll bet quite a few will get home this afternoon to find their shares are gone with a loss yet the pps closes with nary a difference.
    With the tute and insider holdings in ARCI at these levels, it's a thin float in real terms. Very easy for the specialists and market makers to pick up those dangling fruits of posted stop loss orders.
    Learn to protect yourselves and your investments.


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    • I do not know why ARCI went down the way it did today but it was not due to stop loss orders or manipulation.

      It was strictly due to heavy selling: 189,000 shares.

      In my earlier post I indicated there was an unbelievable amount of stock for sale at $10.00. Now it is for sale at $8.50. ARCI is going nowhere and when the smoke settles it will lay like a potateo laka until mid 2008 when their recycling contract ends. Then it will go back to $4.


    • Great post!

      I think the same happens at SGMA these days. Yesterday it reached an intraday low of $7.82 but closed at $10.55! Today it slumped to an intraday low of $7.70! It stands at $9.94 in the moment... All that without any news...

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