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  • spixleatedlifeform spixleatedlifeform Oct 1, 2008 11:15 AM Flag

    Now THAT was interesting

    First day of Q-4 and a big, no, I mean some BIG volume trades going on. Was it old tute(s) selling? New tute(s) buying. In either case, someone really dumped a few beans and someone else scooped 'em up real quick.

    Is it a trend? Has some sanity returned to the share price? (Meaning got to its bottom and has turned back up?)

    We shall see.


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    • To the responders,

      I don't want to sound like a promoter but iV is lightyears better than the yahoo mess. For the lack of spam alone it's worth looking into. It costs nothing to join, has boards on just about any stock you could want and are always open to creating new boards for those they've missed.
      If you can't find it, simply type in InvestorVillage into the address bar and click the 'go' button. Or do a google on it and it'll be there.
      There is a wealth of boards and not just on specific stocks, information on investing, and you have so much more control of what you can do. All without spam. There are ads but they're not intrusive and do not get into the board post lists. And it's more secure than the yahoo sites.
      At this point, for ARCI specifically, there are only 9 posts, but that has more to do with few knowing it exists than anything else. The entire site is worth a couple hours of weekend free time to investigate it.
      Have a look.


    • You can drive a truck through the spread today! At least very few shares have traded under about $5. Have a nice day.

    • hey Spix -

      you have a solution on how to get through all of the spam on these boards? For some stocks I have gone to Investor Villiage, but I am open for suggestions.


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