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  • xpan_2002 xpan_2002 Mar 11, 2008 2:31 AM Flag

    Chinese Government Officials

    I am always amazed of how stupid these guys are. The $3B investment in BX is cut by half in just a few months. The $5B investment in MS keeps shrinking. Not to mention a bunch of limitations on them. Now the latest:
    Can you imagin that CPI rose from 1% to 8.7% in just 1 year? What the hell have these guys done? What is the Congress for? Kissing ass?

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    • Although I am not the person who listed those websites, I do agree the downward risk is about 10%, at around 3500. CAF discount is at 30%. This is why I think it has good value as of now.

    • The A Share market is the only Asian market down so far, while every market else is up by 2% in average. Although these government officials are stupid at doing their job, they know how to blame on things beyond their control, so they don't need to take the responsibility. :)

      They blame on the golobal inflation. They say things will be better soon. They say the CPI is peaking. The problem is, these have been their excuses for the past year, but why the CPI is higher, if not much higher, than most other countries? OK, they have something new to blame on this time: the snow storm. If this is the case, the snow is gone, so what to worry about? Why are they having a hard time to decide which tool to use to fight the inflation?

      Somebody has to take the responsibility, ot things will not turn around.

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      • Do you realize U.S. controls the oil price?

        There is no oil supply and demend inbalance, why we push the oil price up and up?

        someone predicts oil price will go to $680 a barrel due to our new policy to attach China economically.

        Do you have any smart methods to deal with this attach?

        When you don't have any smart ways, please don't say someone else stupid.

        China has so many officals, they are learning not to fall traps of old, witty capitalists of the West.

        Can you pay $1.50 at the gas pump like economists say it should be?

        I can't, so call me stupid.

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