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  • joetong419 joetong419 Mar 26, 2009 7:05 PM Flag

    Have we seen the low for CPF?

    How many of you bought CPF at 30+ and still have it when it went <$4?

    Is it worth holding, as it will one day be >$10? Dollar-cost average down works, if you got perfect timing?

    There's a lesson to be learned here? Never hold for the long term? Best to short bank stocks? Will CPF still be in business 5 years from now?

    Maybe I should not pick on CPF, as WFC, JPM, BAC all in the same boat?

    My wish list is for a 3-bagger at these prices...but might take awhile (years)? Now to see how bad the quarterly earnings will get!

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    • I have some stock I bought in the 30's, but I have a lot more I bought at 6 and 7, and a bit at 3.95. My average cost is obviously much lower now. The question now is have they turned the corner. The company was real quick to take its lumps last year and cut it's losses. IF they've flushed out the toxic loans as they say, coupled with the low cost of funds, and unfortunately TARP money, the company should post a profit this week. Remember, they've had 2 quarters of profitability in a row, and supposedly banks made money in the first quarter. If they're smart, they'll post a very stable repeatable quarter, while continuing to rebuild, give a stable face to the analysts, and go back to running the bank quietly out of the limelight. Stock will continue to fluctutate in the double digits, some days up some down. Great trading stock if you've the guts. Put some shares away for a rainy day, trade some other to pay for the ones put away and who cares what happens.

    • WHICH low have we seen I think may be a better question.

      In this market buy and sell with ups and downs. Too much emotion and geopolitical influence on the markets right now.

      If you are risk averse I would stay out.

      If you have real estate, why would you sell now? makes no sense unless you have too.

      This market is a day traders paradise.


    • The bottom is ...not here yet. Much worse to come, no bottom to tourism, new jobs...things are just starting to get interesting. Hold on to your cash and get more if you can. I am selling my HI real estate and not spending any cash...Aloha. m

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