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  • sleepy.ichabod sleepy.ichabod Oct 23, 2009 2:11 AM Flag

    this stock is going down. $3.00 is a dream. 1.00 is reality


    <Yes these insiders are buying peanuts amount of shares lets see some real conviction out of them. You are not looking at the monthly free share they get as members of the board are you these are not purchased shares.>

    Are you saying that members of board get shares as gift from the company? Then how come not all board members get shares? Also do you know accounting rules, and SEC rules don't allow such things, a company buying its own stocks and giving them to someone not to mention board members AND PRETEND they were bought by the person who received? If the company buys its own stocks, that purchase CAN'T be posted as insider purchase.

    It is not uncommon in Japan that employees buy their company stock periodically. Like those people at Central Pacific, they buy the company stocks up to the amount they can afford every month or every quater.

    Mr. Jack, you made up a nice story but it lacks the plausibity. Thus make me suspicious about your intention.

    best wishes,


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    • wwwjacksinternationalcom wwwjacksinternationalcom Oct 23, 2009 11:30 AM Flag

      Dear Sir, I am not an expert but aren't shares awarded at no cost exactly that? Look at the monthly tracking at yahoo do you see anybody paying for shares? My intentions are to make a little money on this stock I actually bought a small position again at $2.23 so I am probably not to smart again? I am not telling others to buy or to sell I just live here in Hawaii and am looking at at 10% govt pay cut next year this economy is sick and so is California this bank is doing business in both and cant see it long term as a buy I am trying to make a little again on a trade.

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      • If shares were awarded, then acquisition cost must be stated as $0. Have you seem "acquisitionnonopen market at $0?" That is the company awarded stocks.

        In the cases you were discussing, the costs were clearly stated as not at $0, meaning the employees actually paid. Also in these purchases were from the market.

        If stocks were awarded by the company and the SEC filing was falsely made as you were claiming, the company violated SEC rules, and the employees will hear from IRS since they didnt' pay the income tax on that part of income.

        You may say, Hawaii will go bankrupt, and become a part of China. That is your opinion. But don't put the company under a SEC, IRS joint investigation.


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