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  • mojosh75 mojosh75 Nov 23, 2009 5:04 PM Flag

    sniff, sniff...

    our poor little cpf did not participate in todays regional bank move - how come??? And,lately volume has been a solid 40%!! under average - how come!? What r the crooks doing that we all dont know? Something is cooking (sadly its guaranteed to skunk the existing shareholders). Is the volume low because the "buyers" know an impending announcement is coming (wink wink: "we recieved the "vote" yeah right, to MASSIVELY increase # of shares & hows this one, wink wink: creates added "flexibility" to our capital raise attemt(s)" In the blink of an eye...

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    • LOL!

      Thanks for the reply, now we know what an idiot you are.

    • u stay confused. What? first u like try and pump em up (because u get a mere 1k shares) and now since we called ur bullshet!! hello! mana/pua. Get real clown- buy another 1k shares,eat some moa mana/pua.

      Don't fight the game, play it.

      Aloha (mite mean good bye (not buy) for CPF)in 2010) Dont cry to us cause u played em wrong

    • ahem, thats my point....

      We all know the insiders only care for themselves, waah waahh waah, thats old news save it for the kids.

      I am trying to get beyond that, if the insiders only care about themselves and purchase 5000 shares.....hello?

      Dont fight the game, play it.


    • wwwjacksinternationalcom wwwjacksinternationalcom Nov 24, 2009 10:05 PM Flag

      yes as a whole they own less than 2% of the shares? Hoping that some miracle happens after I own some speculative shares and they get bought out instead of taken over. I keep laughing and the book value is what now $10.15 what does this mean anyways a bank accounting trick? These board members should all be in jail already period, still holding out hope for a lower price to buy into for 2010 action?

    • what planet are you on "the insiders might save our hides because theire is on the line too". Dude, there is NO NONE ZERO NADA insiders that give a flying f*#K about the commoners. They only care about one thing and u KNOW what that is> thats right> THEMSELVES. And that is ESPECIALLY true for the financial sector and ABSOLUTELY true for the banks. Its ALL about the green my friend - not fiduciary duty nor integrity nor honesty

    • wwwjacksinternationalcom wwwjacksinternationalcom Nov 23, 2009 9:58 PM Flag

      Hey Mojosh, Don't let the air out of this balloon there is some that think that fairy dust is going to make this turd turn into a golden carriage. This turd is to be flushed down the old crapper and buried. Can you believe so many people are getting so excited about 2 to 3 cents in both directions. Sure would be scared to own this the FDIC will be the final nail soon? Sell to zero or FDIC seizure sure cant see what would be positive news to make this jump 25% in a week? This stock will be probably trading pink sheets come 2010! Aloha from Big Island close by ground zero CPF branch office

    • Insider bought 5k shrs. Hope something B.I.G. happens soon.


      • 1 Reply to kenne200972
      • re: insider purchase by Mr. Yoshimura - who once was GM of Ala Moana Shopping Center, once considered of of the prime malls in all the USA). Lest not forget the mall is owned by none other than General Growth Properties now BANKRUPT. Is there a correlation? No, on both counts, the GGP bankruptcy nor the insider purchase. A pittance of 5,000 shares (doesnt he realize that'll turn into 500 shares very shortly!! sssssssshhhhhhhhh).

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