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  • adventure62 adventure62 Nov 11, 2009 12:30 PM Flag

    guess of revenue estimates

    Since we have some idea of WiMax subscribers. Let me do some guess work. Guys don't hit me for doing this.

    Clearwire 44,000
    Sprint 50,000
    Comcast 10,000
    Total 104,000
    Assume 80% bought FKWL modem for network movement
    Modem sale 83,000
    Modem price to carrier $100
    Revenue 83,000X100= $8.3M

    If 60% bought FKWL modem
    Revenue ~ $6.3M

    can we refine these numbers ?

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    • Question is also how much did they stock up on their initial orders?

      Live NVTL and MiFi, if they didn't move through their initial stock, #'s might not be that great.

      Not being negative, just asking the question.

    • I think that you are only calculating revenue for the U300 dual-mode modem, but you are forgetting that the company reported over $10 million in revenue for the quarter ending June 30th, before the WiMax network ramp-up had gotten fully underway. So they clearly have more than just this one egg in their basket. I see nothing wrong with your conservative estimates for U300 sales, but don't forget, that is not everything. Personally, I am counting on $15 million in revenue for the latest quarter (ending 9/30/09) that will be reported by next week.

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