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Franklin Wireless Corp. Message Board

  • pnwislander77 pnwislander77 Nov 18, 2009 12:48 PM Flag

    Investor education

    I own Franklin stock and am embarassed to say I cannot answer some basic questions: 1) The Franklin Wireless Message Board mentions the U300 and U301. I do not see either listed on the Franklin Wireless Web page. Why? 2) I get contradictory messages from the 10K. Does Franklin design hardware or contract design as well as manufacturing out? Has anyone talked to a Frankllin engineer?

    Answers to these questions would be appreciated.

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    • You and your buddy....SC and FL

    • cane5 Nov 20, 2009 3:06 PM Flag


      I was wondering if you caught that.USER is just not worth my time to respond to. I view him as a internet board redneck who has these distorted mixed up views and its clearly reflected in his postings.Sooner or later you will stop responding as well.

    • I know you by now, User. When you feel weak, you publicly start to question the other person's ethics. In anticipation of your next move to say that I posted something so that I could gain an advantage in a trade, that would be patently false. I have tried to convince others not to sell into weakness, because others will step in and buy your shares cheap. I have owned the stock everyday since I first bought it, and with this stock sellers face far more potential lost opportunity cost than buyers do. Any astute investor can see that. It is inconceivable that someone like you can have a friend in this world. I feel sorry for you.

    • Admit what, that I own far more shares than you thought? Do I have to "admit" that I breath too? Folks I am glad to see we have our Thanksgiving turkey on this board. Yum!

    • I only posted that to have you admit you traded this stock at the same time you were posting for everyone to I recall you were posting over two about the deal it was...either you believe in it or you you traded out before earnings...

    • User. I do trade this stock a bit and have made money there, but the bottom line is that I own a lot more shares than I did on Oct. 1st. But the main thing that has me laughing right now is how short your memory is. Weren't you the one who was making all sorts of negative comments against Cane for trading NVTL when he should have been holding it, waiting for it to go to $40, as you put it? Now you are telling us to trade this stock more. Good luck with that NVTL going to 40.

    • should have sold some when it went up 400%...good luck

    • That is not a fair statement, User. I am aware of what can go wrong. I pointed out three concerns the company cited in their annual report and you added one about your concerns about future dilution. One thing you forget is that a lot can be achieved through collaboration. Sure, if they were a company that tried to do everything by themselves, then they would need much more capital tomorrow. However through carefully chosen partnerships, they have managed a 70% avg. 5-year growth rate, even despite the recent credit crisis and Latin American slump. You are the one who often puts blinders on to tout your opinions. Also, I own more than you think.

    • By the way you guys are defining yourselves as pump and dump posters...find a small cap stock and just relentlessly post positives....Maybe you better look at my posts more closely at NVTL about a month before I went into to a tyrade about awards...and solace in the order book and if they did not hit what that if you look carefully yes I was extremely positive but very aware of their posting.. here that everything is just great and hypothesizing about best case scenarios without ever mentioning a concern...your are transparent...but then again when both of you have probably less than 5 thousand invested it explains it...if wanted to put serious money in you would need more answers.....ciaofornow

    • Interesting to note, Cane that FKWL's Director of Product Operations, Planning, and Logistics (Manny Ramirez, recruited away from Sprint) has listed on his profile page that he: "Would like to gain more knowledge about the technical and engineering aspects of wireless back haul for media".
      Thought that would be on interest to you, as you have invested in "The Dragon" (DRWI).

      • 2 Replies to triad33
      • cane5 Nov 19, 2009 4:02 PM Flag


        A few years ago I bought a company called Endwave who was in the radiowave sector. All these companies like Smith Micro, Endwave, Novatel, Alvarion etc. Are really young young Wireless companies. I decided then I would buy into a bunch.All of them were similar to Franklin in that they were basically upstarts. Some have done better than others but all of them moved up double to their price after my purchase. Sadly I bought a company called Gigabeam (past founders of Endwave)then a research company but within months went Nasdaq hit 12 before backing off and then going bankrupt.

        The game is played now and it would be hard to get in. The only reason I liked "The Dragon" is that they are partners with Clearwire.And they just went Nasdaq and usually there is a eventual push when that happens.

        I am hoping Franklin stays the course and finds new roads Internationally now that they have a foothold in the US.

        Thanks for the thought.

        On another note I thought the stock acted well today and some decent early volume.

      • Sorry, that is Manny Hernandez. (Apparently I still have the baseball season on my mind).

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