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  • triad33 triad33 Nov 19, 2009 12:30 PM Flag

    Investor education

    Interesting to note, Cane that FKWL's Director of Product Operations, Planning, and Logistics (Manny Ramirez, recruited away from Sprint) has listed on his profile page that he: "Would like to gain more knowledge about the technical and engineering aspects of wireless back haul for media".
    Thought that would be on interest to you, as you have invested in "The Dragon" (DRWI).

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    • cane5 Nov 19, 2009 4:02 PM Flag


      A few years ago I bought a company called Endwave who was in the radiowave sector. All these companies like Smith Micro, Endwave, Novatel, Alvarion etc. Are really young young Wireless companies. I decided then I would buy into a bunch.All of them were similar to Franklin in that they were basically upstarts. Some have done better than others but all of them moved up double to their price after my purchase. Sadly I bought a company called Gigabeam (past founders of Endwave)then a research company but within months went Nasdaq hit 12 before backing off and then going bankrupt.

      The game is played now and it would be hard to get in. The only reason I liked "The Dragon" is that they are partners with Clearwire.And they just went Nasdaq and usually there is a eventual push when that happens.

      I am hoping Franklin stays the course and finds new roads Internationally now that they have a foothold in the US.

      Thanks for the thought.

      On another note I thought the stock acted well today and some decent early volume.

    • Sorry, that is Manny Hernandez. (Apparently I still have the baseball season on my mind).

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      • Triad question:

        I have been buying/ accumulating this stock now for quite some time and highly appreciate your insight and willingness to share.

        What would you say are the downside risks?

        I am convinced this stock will drive on its fundamentals and that is obviously sales, so cautious notes will not prevent appreciation of the share price, if the numbers are there.

        But I am not aware of any stocks, where intelligent folks have no worries.

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