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  • who_gnu_1235 who_gnu_1235 Aug 30, 2005 2:35 AM Flag

    by the way, about the morons at CGTK

    We should have a good indication of eczema test results in first half of 2006. The movements in the stock during the last couple of months, while helpful to traders, are noise compared to the movement we will see when eczema results are known, one way or another.
    I am accumulating, have not sold a single share, with the remote but distinct possibility that this may turn into a multibagger over the next 2 years. All imo.

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    • believe me, i saw it many times, a good management never act the way those CGTK managers do.

      They hold on 1 drugsystem that already has proven to be worthless.

      So you cqn bet on it thqt thy only are keeping their jobs as long as possible.

      Every other manager would have find already MORE sources of drug developements or income not based on the failure!!!!
      That is the first thing all good managers will realise> Diversification after a HUGE failure

      So 100% sur, they will fail again.

      BUt MM's will play it bcause of th low volume and the cash position. That is all there is.

      All the rst are dreams and wishfull thinking.
      millions of other investors bought stocks with lousy managers and lost HUGE amouunts of money, because they still believed in the company whil thy managers already knew that th company was lost.

      IF EVEN ONLY 50% of chance to succeed, you would have seen a lot of buy accumulation by CGTK managers.
      They can buy shares at 2.5 and there is 3.5 in cash.
      So very easy to figure out, CGTK managers know 100% that they never will reach anything with their Decoy

      and every quarter LESs and LESS cash will FORCED them next yeart to look for new money, but they will not find any new money anymore because today, scientists all over the world know that blocking a few proteins is way to short to achieve a success in curing deseases.

      At the end of this year, the cash will drop below 3 dollar and then you won't see + 3 again for long time.

      But as you said, wait and see and finaly, after losing all your money you will agree