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  • intpilot intpilot Feb 13, 2009 6:57 AM Flag

    Ole Virginny the new village idiot! Must read.

    Why? Hope is a 4-letter word! To guote some of my friends, we all watch the same movie. You watch Fast money, Cramer, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc...

    Why is it, I am the only one who understands. I am not a Wall street expert or giving you financial advice. Go seek a so called expert.

    I have been trading for the better part of 10 years. The first 2 learning, next 6 beating the S&P and the last 2 years I am up 250%. Yes 60-70% I am correct. Sounds bad doesnt it? Its awesome!

    Why? Well because idiots like you and MMritas keep feeding me money. Every real conversation, (is it possible on yahoo msg boards?) should include price target. Price is the only thing that pays!

    You have been listening to everyone in the news, etc... tell you buy and hold is dead. Yet you come on URE and say I am BUYING AND HOLDING this and in some years you will be rich. Blah, Blah, Blah. You are an %^& &*%^#^())^. You get the point.

    I surf yahoo and many financials posts all day long. Check out the number of posts I have. Most of the time I am mixing B.S. stupid posts with good advice. I find it fun. Not sure why, Mostly, I think it occupy's time while I trade.

    Go back and check MBIA boards. I started shorting it in the 60's but have mostly played the WAVES! Waves is what the market is all about. Intra day (day trading) Swing (3-5 days) maybe even up to 6 months (max). I am not a short. % wise I am long most of the time. Long only for targets.

    But for you to think what you did is called investing, is as bad as MMrits 1000 pumper posts. His advice didnt work here and now he is off to BAC. Think its going to work any better?

    I will give you the my new price target: $1.94. I hope you can afford to give away $. If you want to trade and buy at 1.94 for a 20+% pop, over a couple days. Great. I just did it with the 3.77 pop. Slightly less 20% but one heck of a safe profit move.

    Any bagholders who picked up at 5.50, 6.50 or 7.50 want to chime in? Go back and read how many long term bagholders got the deal of the century at 7.50. Say good bye bye to 7+ and everyday compounding works against you.

    When bears come, we eat your food and gang rape your women and party at the pinic you paid for. You cant stop us and when we leave you are left to be found wanting. Get ready for the picnic!

    A break below yesterday's low at 7693 confirms another wave crash run has begun. There is zero technical signs to suggest this bearish view is wrong. A move to 8000 or even 8100 is just a retracement.

    This has been your public service anouncement.

    My flare is for dramatical purposes, but again please go get your own financial help. I hope I have saved you money.

    As a trader I have learned the traders option, meaning this advice is only good for the time it came out. Please people use the news and learn to ride the waves. The market doesnt stop and neither can traders opinions.

    This is answer to your simple logic!

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    • You sound like one of those jerks on FOX finance.

    • Well good for you for being on the right side of the trade. Give yourself a pat on the back.

      For me, I'm not liking the Dow as an indicator right now because it is affected so much by the financials C, BAC and GE even. Looking at the S&P I think we're holding up really well. It's holding on above that Dec. 1st close of 816 and really holding well between 825-830. In fact we bounced off a nice trend line at 825 today and I think we could see things start going up Tuesday (or holding on as long as we close above 820).

      For the URE, we did finally close below that $3.77 level today (the Dec. 1st close for URE) and it looked like there was some good resistance there. Might be bearish unless things start moving back up next week. On the upside we closed right at the breakout point from yesterday, $3.42, so that could be silver lining and it would not surprise me to see a key reversal in URE on Monday where we close back up at $3.77.

      We're right in that 3-5 day peak to trough range and probably forming a bottom here. Tuesday should be the confirmation. In my opinion, if you are short here you are playing with FIRE.

    • are you opining that URE goes straight down below $2?

    • Oh, what joy! Where do I start in response to your idiocy?

      Firstly, I do have hope. I hope that the economy of the United States improves in 2009. I hope that my daughter of 2-1/2 years lives a long, healthy life. I hope that countries around the globe embrace peace. I hope. I hope. I hope.

      Secondly, I rarely watch the one TV that I have in my house. I prefer to read, and CNBC is my primary source for reading current events. Without an adequate knowledge of current events, ignorance prevails. I choose intelligence over ignorance.

      Thirdly, while you gloat over my misfortunes and your profits, I laugh at your ignorance. Your time will come. Since your absence of grammatical skills is quite noticeable, I recommend that you obtain a degree from a reputable institution. The markets can take my monies, but the markets cannot take my abilities to earn monies given my degrees.

      Fourthly, I did not profess in any posts my desire to become "rich" via the markets. Actually, I have more cash in my bank accouts than I have in the markets, and I have significantly more cash in real estate than I have in my bank accounts. My LTV ratios are under 40%. Needless to say, I do not have any worries.

      Fifthly, I recognize that you have more experience with trading than me. I do not have ample time to trade because I am very busy with managing a company. You simply choose to pick on me because you, while supposedly excelling at trading, have a hole that clearly portrays a lack of self-confidence in areas to which I am not privy. My guess is that you are ugly or eccentric and that you improve your self-confidence by ridiculing others who do not share your knowledge of trading. Whoopie!

      I only thought that URE was as viable alternative to park my monies since I do not have faith in many companies. I may move it in light of the comments by others regarding the compounding of URE on a daily basis. Regardless, why do you care?

      I hope that you have a good day, Village Idiot!

    • The longs are going to light a fire up your A hole!

      Just wait for it.

      Bull Trap!


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