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  • dd704 dd704 Jan 19, 2013 10:27 AM Flag


    During this final phase, there will be lots of stories/rumors about problems with the comany/drug. The one advantage the CLSP holders have is that they can't be paniced to sell out. I'm still mad about the 24 month lockup and as far as I know the lawsuit is still active. But I think the lawsuit will die due to lack of support.

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    • The fact that they owe us and probably other vendors/creditors from 24+ months ago is NOT a rumour.

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      • "The fact that they owe us and probably other vendors/creditors from 24+ months ago is NOT a rumour."

        If the quality of your work is the same quality as your spelling and plan to collect via a Yahoo message board, then it is completely understandable why they feel they owe you nothing. For small amounts in dispute, there are the Small Claims Courts which cost very little to have a case heard. And if you win, you get reimbursed for your costs. If the amount is too large for the Small Claims Courts, then hire a lawyer. And if you can not find a lawyer to take your case, then you have no case.

        If you have no case, then buy some SGYP shares or SGYPW warrants. It then will not be long before you can tell them that you figured out a way to get your money......

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      • Or a concern

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      • You had ample time to sell your CLSP. SGYP has announced the merger for months in advance. So stop yelling all the time. You bore me.

        Be positive and think that in several weeks or maybe 2 months you will have more money in your pockets.

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    • What f---king lawsuit are you talking about? Even if there is one, so what! Their are so many dumb-a-- investors like yourself that lose money and want to sue someone for your dumb investment. You are so pathetic. If you can't take the loss, DON'T MAKE THE BET! When we get bought out you will make money on your investment. The lockup does not effect a buyout, you will get buyout price! I have 23,000 @ $4.50 and very happy. Grow up and quit your whinning.Be thankful you are part of SGYP family!

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