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  • itsahorserace itsahorserace Feb 5, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    Candle chart today

    What a battle we had today. To me the chart shows that full out war was waged today by the shorts. That we finished up 7 cents is a true victory! They don't appear to have held anything back today. But every strong move they made was quickly countered with strength. Wow! Since the big boys (whoever they are) have showed up the world of SGYP has become a scary place for shorts. Hate to display naive exuberance, but a day like today makes me think that we may be approaching an inflection point. When you give it all you've got and you can't even hold the pice stable, well that's got to be demoralizing. They tried a little the other day, but really tried hard today. Met by a greater strength willing to defend. Volume hasn't been so light of late. If I were short, I might seriously be thinking of going away. My best.

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    • regarding your post. i don't know if you trade on a daily or 15 min chart , yet i agree dips were being bought , the challenge as you highlighted its all about volume. we could drift all over the place if Volume does not pick up. we need buy side volume not a tug of war with 500k shares. until, we see volume we have boat without a rudder. that can be slapped around. i hope that we too are at a infliction point. i think the tea leaves have something REALLy exciting around the corner meanwhile i'm watching the tape for the tale...

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      • regarding your analysis, we had very heavy volume, 28 million shares to the up side, on the move from $3 to $6.50. that is very good news for a strong base in the $5 to $6 range

        the other good news is that there is no volume to the down side so any moves down are easily reversed as we've seen in the past week as we moved down to $5.60 and quickly back over $6.

        Volume will come with news and in the meantime the fundamentals are strong so any daily or weekly swings w/o substantive news can and should be used to add to your long position IMO

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