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  • openzsky openzsky Mar 1, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

    See you at $3.00

    You holders are way to optimistic. Will you have the guts to hold on at $3.00?
    Small biotech's are a creature of volatility. No guts no glory. Will you cut your losses or hold?
    How long will you wait without getting impatient and taking a loss? I wish all holders the best
    but get ready for some carnage. This will test the strong hands. Easy to be a basher when the cards are in your favor. Go ahead and bash, bash, and gloat. This company has nine employees according to yahoo finance. I hope they are good ones.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • #$%$ Moron.

    • Another IDIOT on IGNORE. TROV according to yahoo has 4 employees share price 6.13. Has been 8.77 in last 6 months. SSH according to yahoo has 22 employees, share price 5.84. Has been 9.17 in last 6 months. CBMX according to yahoo has N/A employess (guess that means none?). Share price 3.39, has been 10.35 in last 6 months. ECYT according to yahoo has N/A employees (guess that means none again) share price 9.75. Has been 10.75 in last 6 months.What kind DA are you??You say it is going to3, than put sentiment(HOLD), give me a break fool.If you are so sure it is going to drop $2.50, why don't you short about 10,000 sh. and make a killing mr stock guru? Get lost! Oh that's right, your in the lost world of IGNORE!! BYEBYE!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      1 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 0 Reply Insiders own 40.3% of the stock.openzsky by openzsky • Feb 14, 2013 12:13 PM Flag
      That is some serious skin in the game. Institutions own a low 16%. This is ground floor.
      (figures obtained from Yahoo finance profile page). Would not want to be short when we are discovered
      with good news.
      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Hope for the best and expect the worse. Lesson's surprise element that can take you out of your position. What concerns me is the sentiment on this board seems too positive and optimistic. Even though I think in the long run this stock is a good investment, in the short term it could disappoint badly with expectations too high, if you believe a message board can be a contrarian indicator. I myself post positive expectations, which sometimes needs to be tempered with a dose of realism.
        time and again the stocks that seem to outperform are the ones you most likely wouldn't expect. Many times they are labeled as future bankruptcies. Example is RDN. Just a few months ago the companies viability was in question and since then it has tripled. MTG was the favorite and it went the other way. RDN had insider buying at $2 a share and not a lot. I like the insider buying of SGYP, especially when insider buying presently is very bearish. To night I checked and saw ten pages of insider selling and 2 pages of buys. For SGYP I think the insider purchases will lend some support to the price, but It may not. In the short term I am hoping for the best and expecting the worse.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Openzky is a joke!! Do you really think any serious holders would take your ignorant comments seriously ?... I wouldn't even bother with that must be an $8/hr paid basher or pumper...

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