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  • padep padep Mar 12, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Why SGYP so quite

    No news on NDA filling? what's next after positive Ph III trial!!!!!

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    • lucrative global partnership or buyout is the next step.

      I believe SGYP management will announce path forward in the next 60 days pending feedback from FDA and ongoing discussions with suitors and potential partners

      In the mean time as IRWD continues to gain traction in the market, the intrinsic value of SGYP grows as well!

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      • Betonbio..always appreciate your thoughts. We all know that buyout or global lucrative partnership is going to happen for SGYP,management has stated this several times even though I believe they would prefer to sell or in the words of the chairman and CEO "clean exit" It is pretty straight forward how a buyout will drive this stock to 15+/share. My question is how does a global partnership drive it that high to the upside? Is it an upfront cash infusion or something else? would appreciate your thoughts... Thanks

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    • The weak hands have disappeared. The price action is too boring. The excitement is in the indexes and other stocks. This board and the stock are very calm. Everyone is waiting for news. Volume is low. How long will you have calm seas with a tiny biotech stock working on a big drug. Patience will be rewarded provided the news is good. If volume stays low, the traders on the long side will have a problem getting shares of any size when news hits and then it becomes a matter of supply and demand. That said, will have to see how SGYP responds if the overall markets tanks in the near term. I would like to see us hold in this range on even lesser volume, if not inch higher.

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