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  • higgs_boson_particle higgs_boson_particle Apr 19, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    indiansfan407 indicated the trial will end in December 2014, then they file the NDA. So, it might be approved in the fall of 2015, right?

    That is a piece..

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    • not sure, beton could weigh in. Other factors to consider are the expiration of the warrants, which is 15 or 16, and the end of the 2 year lockup for clsp shares, maybe dec 14?, which many say the company will be sold before the end of the lockup, and before the need to dilute again

      but, I am no expert, jus repeating what I have read or heard

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      • I saw an article in the local newspaper earlier this week about a pharmaceutical company cancelling scheduled trials because the FDA was allowing them to file without additional trials. I always hope for the best, so my first hope is that SGYP is allowed to file without more trials. Then my backup hope is only one more trial.

      • Well they will need to raise money in 2q 2014 according to their cash burn rate... and the 2 year lock up is up in Jan '15 , Redacre did mention that they have heard from one of the brokers who was part of stock offering that this will be the last stock offering for SGYP as an independent company then they go on to mention Gabrielle Cerrone's track record of successfully developing companies and getting them sold..

        If we use this stock offering as a proxy then Synergy will either partner or sell 1Q 2014.. Here is my thinking: They had enough money to last till June of this year but decided to do a stock offering a couple of months before so if you figure if they follow the same timeline when their in need of more capital in 2Q '14 then they will sell or partner in 1Q 2014.. might be a layman way of thinking but just my thoughts...

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