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  • hawk25702 hawk25702 May 1, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    'Market Watch' is such a

    joke of an organization. I'd do the opposite of whatever the nerdy authors suggest.....

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    • The problem here is not Market Watch. It is illegal shorting by the ECNs to control the stock price and move it down. The new reports are out for the first two weeks of April. Another 1.5 million shares short were added. The results for the last two weeks of April may show growth of shorts by another 1.5 to 2.0 million shares. Retail investors (either long or short) don't have the ability to electronically refill the BID or ASK at the speed and consistency that is going on here. Retail investors do not have the ability to mask a block trade at the BID or ASK -- meaning, a "masked" BID or ASK trade shown on Level-2 is not being reported as its true size. It is being shown as 100 shares, or 1 block, but in reality, it can be hundreds of thousands of shares in size. Only Level-3 trades can be masked, meaning we have some corrupt ECNs playing the market -- well beyond their scope of creating a smooth electronic transaction forum for the convenient sale of equities. Retail investors do not have the ability to efficiently and timely respond to demand surges by instantly increasing the ASK stack or by dumping into the BID to thwart a price increase. Ask anyone on here what they have seen on Level-2. Most of the stock sales have gone through at the ASK, meaning, this stock should have recovered to the $6.00-$6.50 range by now -- absent the illegal shorting techniques of blockading on the ASK, posturing and flashing heavy sell orders, masking the true size of BID and ASK orders, dumping large amounts of stock into the BID from ancillary accounts, and using secondary ECNs software tag-along order logic to effect one common goal. This all means you aren't playing the market, you are playing against an ECN's computer software subroutine designed to instantly analyze a market scenario, take into consideration the DOW average and minute-by-minute sales demand, and then short the market for gain. Sounds really fair for retail investors, doesn't it?

    • Pretty silly to cite our low earrings don't you think? And, imagine, with no product and lots of clinical trials underway, our earning per share will be even lower next year. This is simply shocking news. Sure wish I had read this article before I bought 30,000 shares at $4 last year. These authors should be ashamed of themselves. It's almost impossible to tell the drug works from this article. On the other hand, it was just a piece on insider buying. People may say this is profit taking, but I was watching the ask, and there were long periods when it simply did not move with shrares flowing through. Think we are still suffering from the ask rigging mentioned by Trader. Please correct me if I'm wrong. My best.

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