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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Aug 9, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    F this piece of #$%$ Yahoo Message Deleting System

    spent half hour of research and placed a link for everyone and the fukkkers deleted it. Whoever is responsible for this new style is a JOKE and there are many other ways to monitor Spam.
    I have NEVER spammed and this is a Joke Yahoo.

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    • Instead of putting links just give us the EXACT TITLE wording of the article you want to post. So we will be able to google the EXACT wording and find what you want to say to all of us. It's a way to overcome the f.....g Yahoo message board. Good luck .

      I would like to read your articles you found.

    • yahoo wont let you place links. I'm interested in reading your research thoughts please share them again


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "The Story behind the discovery of FV-100" Goes on to talk about how it was accidentally discovered in the mailing process of an inactive form that ended up active when it arrived at destination.
        Also mentions the potency 360 times more potent than acyclovir against VZV and is a new class of anti-virals called Bicyclic Necleaoside Analogues.
        Fast forward : FV-100 has passed Phase I safety studies with Igentix.
        Bristol Myers Squibb sponsored a trial did a trial labeled FV-100 vs Valacyclovir in patients with Herpes Zoster (Shingles). On clincical trials dot gov it says last updated on April 2013? Also, says the study has been completed, then read an article from seeking alpha called Inhibitex rates buy on FV-100 phase II data which failed both primary and secondary objectives but they believe with better trial design it should work. Bristol Myers Squibb bought Inhibitex and Synergy acquired FV-100 from BMY in 2012.
        From my research I believe FV-100 will work, I believe that BMY became tired with dealing with it and sold it....BMY acquired another viral from the guy Dr. McGuigan who was responsible for inventing FV-100, but this other anit-viral failed due to toxicity. FV-100 is safe up to 800 mg a day or 400 mg twice daily.
        There will still need to be at least two more trials ran. IF, BMY wouldn't have sold FV-100 it could of been approved in 2015 at least.
        So in my personal belief it is best to just spin it off so SGYP shareholders can receive some instant value and this drug can progress as Synergy has their hands full right now.

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