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  • muchshorterthanu muchshorterthanu Sep 3, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

    Day high: $4.65

    Already 3% lower. Like an adult who has to wear diapers...can't hold it. Incontinent. And boy, I bet all the bed wetters are going to be happy when I make bukos of $ when it really is time to go (really) long.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Couldnt hold its low either.... I guess the stock moved up and down and up again today. Holy good god, what a thesis you have. Whoever though a stock couldnt hold its high every single day??? Imagine???
      Did you make your 200 bucks shorting today? Good for you. Couldnt get it red? Why not? Oh, cuz you're nobody. I see.

    • Don't have a problem with your strategy. Big long position with a day trading twist. If the stock gets to $4.80 in the next two weeks for no reason, I could see doing a bit of the same. Shorts always freak at $4.80 and drive it down. It's a sure thing. Like I have said before, I don't have a problem with shorts or shorting. What I object to is this high speed computer trading. These guys don't short, they drive the price down. Recently, Najarian and many others have been making the public case against high speed trading. I agree with them. And although I hate to cite Italy as a leader in anything but wine, they recently passed a high speed trading ltax there. People from around the world are watching to see what happens to liquidity, etc. No one should be able to manipulate a stock like these guys do. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's simply not fair. It's gotten so bad that people are fighting over locations that are 100 meters closer to the trading platforms servers so they get a quantum speed edge over their competitors. You've read the articles. The game is rigged with these guys playing as far as I'm concerned. Maybe we should find another word for them than "shorts." I'm open to ideas.

    • And what about the numerous firms lowering price targets down to $10-11 per share from $15-25 in some cases? The drug may not be approved until 2016 at the earliest. Yeah, take over candidate.. I get it.

      Sentiment: Hold

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