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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Sep 18, 2013 11:04 PM Flag

    Is the lack of patent protection preventing a partnership?

    I know we agreed to pay a royalty to IRWD. My question is this: Can other pharma's once Plecanatide is approved challenge the patent. I am by FAR a patent expert, but have been attempting to understand if their patents for sp-33 and Plec will hold water.
    I have traded SGYP for years, since the $3's and just wonder what the hold up is here. The financing was around $5.50 or so?
    So one would expect this to rise here pretty soon.
    BUT: Without a partner it may be tough. You can have the best drug in it's class but if other Pharma's are unwilling to help out and don't believe in the profit potential the stock will go no where.
    Bottom Line is that we NEED a partner. I was invested with AMRN and they didn't partner up and they took a beating.
    Can anyone shed light on why we haven't got a partner and any information on possible patent weaknesses and strengths?

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    • No. I think it's what everyone out there knows and thinks about management. Also, nobody likes it when a company can't or won't pay its bills.

      For a long time they couldn't attract any institutional investors despite a big effort and multiple investment banks. Take that and multiply it by 2, 3, 4, ?????? to attract any big pharma partners. Ironically, all that negativity is there even without me revealing (at least not yet) what ______ said about _____ and _______ plus ________.

    • Not sure where you are getting this from but Plecanatide has approved patents in both the US and EU and is protected to nearly 2030

      As others have said, managment's plans for the company are for a full exit. A partnership would lock in the company and shareholders to a commercialization path, that's why they raised the $100 MM in April to fund the phase III trials rather than signing a partner

      If you have further doubts about the exit just look at the size of the team and who they're hiring, or more to the point who they are not hiring. Firstly, the team is tiny and pretty much all the clinical efforts are outsourced. That's the first signal

      Secondly, for a company in phase III you would typically at minimum already have or start to headhunt a VP of commercial. No such person at synergy, and no such job posting. Why? Because they have no intention of commercializing the drug. They plan to sell the company either after the IBS phase II, or the CIC phase III. Both of which will read out in 2014


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This won't likely take off a real run till after first of November. We were little early as stockholders to this party and that's why we've had to wait for things to get rolling. I don't get the impatience as surely you've had to wait on some prior investments to come out of funks before greenbacks flowed into your bank accounts. Shorts are the ones really on edge here as they just don't know when to close out and run. Now, as far as for you....'you are BY FAR a patent expert' or you are FAR FROM a patent expert? I know lots of so-called 'experts' and never found many of them worth a grain of salt.

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      • Far FROM--typo, Obviously or I wouldn't be questioning the patents as I have read a lot of Patent material that the patents of both drugs could easily be immediately challenged upon approval and big pharma knows this as this will deter a partnership or a buyout.
        I know Ram said his target is over $20, but I don't know if he consults a patent expert that is in the know.

    • SGYP management want to sell the whole company, not a partnership. They have said so on numerous occasions.

    • My guess, you will be bashed by all the regular posters on here for asking a legitimate question. Ocean, hawk, a12, aany and the crew will personally attack you. They will probably accuse you of being me, ding, pg or muchshorterthanu. No one will take you seriously for bring this legitimate point. They will then start threads wondering if today is the day we hit $5 and pat each other on the back for what great investors they are.

      Could this be a reason why SGYP is shorted so much and a big pharma partner hasn't jumped in? I think the patent issue is a dark cloud between SGYP and IRWD, and the 2 research partners from Monsato. No other pharma company will jump in, other than the usual generic companies to challenge the patent. They will go with their usual patent infringement lawsuits, but that is SOP in pharma. As someone that shorts this stock all the time, I will tell you the patent issue is not the reason I short. I'm not sold on the need for this drug in the market and I think that is why big pharma is not jumping in either.

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      • linzemess
        The ibs market is huge, but doctors are sold on Miralax for everything that has to do with constipation. IRWD is slowly gaining, but not as quick as I had expected. I see that Forest has made millions of brochures and placed in about every doctors office. A lot of times doctors will not prescribe unless patients actually request...believe me on this.
        Everyone is saying that Plecanatide is the clear winner here...I used to be convinced of this. All that people really need to do is pull their capsules apart and take half the dose of Linaclotide to lessen side effect issue with some.
        So actually many could be receiving two prescriptions for one in Linzess if they suffer from diarrhea side effects.
        I don't think that a buyout is imminent as it should have occurred by now. With the suffering price, you would really think that if someone wanted this they would offer. I am NOT sold on a buyout.
        I think it is CLEAR that this drug works, it's definitely not as strong as Linzess, but it works.
        I will continue to hold as I just hope to come out even on this trade at $5.25. I know if the shorts would buy back this would go above $5.00 and could cause a rally. The only thing that I believe will truly scare the shorts is a buyout. I think they just want to sell the company and forget about partnering.

      • naaahh...we'll save our bashing energy for you Messy. One burning question I've you live under a bridge? In fables it seems most trolls do....

    • At this point I would be totally thrilled with a $750 Million buyout, this has been a major disappointment this year. But still holding.

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