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  • ding_king2000 ding_king2000 Sep 30, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    They are spanking this into never-never land..


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    • spanking?!!LOL!!.. 1.5% down day is considered spanking??? Well its 100% certain you are a mighty mouse short trader or 9$/hr basher... There are better paying jobs out there I [promise, heck I'll hire you.. I need another personal assistant and I promise you will make more.. I'll even give you a bonus after I sell my shares of SGYP once their bought out! Give me your contact info.. You are in desperate need apparently...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • What are you guys waiting for, IBS data release. You push it down below your basis and then do nothing. If you do this long enough the company will be sold before you guys cover. Granted there's no volume to cover and with no volume it's easy to push down. But we go up 25 cents when you cover a few shares and you know that as well as I. I respect your computer trading skills but this won't save you if the fundamental premise on which you operate is flawed, that is that you can get this stock to go down without forcing it down. Time after time you guys have tried to bring this down past $4.40 and met stiff resistance. No one is selling. People who own SGYP are by and large about the buy out they see coming. The stock moving up and down way above my basis really is an aggravation rather than a loss. I think you guys know that the IBS data release is going to propel this stock upward. Do you sell into the volume? I would love to hear your plan for getting out of this. Seems you're like the fed with QE; just can't stop or bad things will happen. Well, you can't print money forever without consequence, and you can't hold short forever without consequence. Bite the bullet now and cover and save yourself a load of grief later. Unlike the fed, you guys can't print your own money.

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