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  • ding_king2000 ding_king2000 Nov 1, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

    a12watchnow, you must be old. Look at what I said. We shorted Sept 18-21 at a share price of $4.80, and closed our short by buying today

    $4.80 avg -3.95 is $.85 profit per share. You are like Oceanmechanic.. you don't know what shorting a stock is. Many of you guys should be in mutual funds, not stocks!

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    • Less the price of the loss on the shares you sold to yourself to bring it down. Calculating profits or loses for you guys is much more difficult. One must first know the amount you expended bringing the price down at a loss. Hardly seems worth it the way you guys do it. Think you guys want it as low as you can get it so that you can pick up shares as volume increases into the IBS data release soon. If you don't let us run from here to $5.50 it will be clear. Any attempt to cap our gains will be very visible.

    • Not when you purchase your own shares back for a loss just to paint a chart. Expensive and dangerous habit you got there. The reply button is on the lower right. No need to open the yahoo MB user manual... You shouldnt even need your rosetta stone. It starts with an "R" as in flied lice.

    • Here's what I know. I did nothing except buy this stock at the right time and sit here looking at a all green SGYP portfolio. You work constantly and CLAIM you've made a profit of $0.85 per share. Now tell me again who doesnt know what they're doing. Keep offering me sale prices idiot.

    • Now you are calling his baby ugly! He's waiting for those 60 million Americans...LOL...with IBS for Plecanatide to treat.

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