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  • ding_king2000 ding_king2000 Dec 9, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    Does anyone think this will retrace to it's 52 week low of $3.83 due to tax loss selling?? That season is about to begin, and in ernest.

    I just don't know which way to lean on this one.

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    • had me Dingy till you incorrectly spelled I don't believe a thing you say...LOL

    • First off, it's called the wash rule, not the washout rule (LOL), secondly there will be a TON of selling of SGYP stock over the next few weeks to take the huge losses in SGYP stock this year, then buy it back in the middle of January. That is what I plan to do over the next few days with my longs as it has been a #$%$ long investment. We've closed all open short positions in SGYP and that is all in cash. Thank you for that opportunity!

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      • Your a liar. You're trapped and have only covered a few hundred thousand shares. Don't you get it Ding, short interest is a number not a concept. When you cover the numbers will show it. When you don't cover, the numbers show that too. The numbers say you haven't covered. The only question that remains then, is why a short would lie about having covered. The answer is obvious.

    • No! What I would look for is shorts selling themselves shares to bring the price down so that theyi might have some chance of covering later. That's been the pattern so far. Shorts forever in trouble trying to cover a few shares.

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      • Ding, considering the fact there is no volume, I think it's been proven that there will be no tax loss selling. Just you guys selling yourself a few more shares. Let's try harder with the covering ok. I mean we haven't even been to $4.50 today. What's with that? Don't give up! You guys can cover some shares if you try hard enough. Show me that fancy trading. Show me anything, just cover your position. You guys must be the only shorts in the world that don't cover. You need to read up on shorting. It involves covering. Even has a chapter on being trapped.

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