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  • frank_aldridge frank_aldridge Dec 15, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    Ding do you know anything about this?

    Alpha Street Research, the #1 ranked quant research firm (accoring to them), has issued a sell reco on SGYP (I didn't pay for the report obviously). So who is ASR?

    The "Technical Director" is Greg Hauenstein. Mr. Hauenstein graduated from Stetson University in 2010 and is now pursuing an MBA from USF (unknown expected graduation). Apparently after "years of model testing and statistical study" he decided to start ASR in 2010, the same year he graduated college. Mr. Hauenstein's regular employment is as a Tier 1 Account Executive at iDatix Corporation focusing on process automation and he was also employee of the year in 2011.

    The "Research Director" is Hunter Orr, CFA. Mr. Orr graduated from USF in 2006 and "brings 17 years of investment industry experience to the research group. He began his career with a boutique Investment Advisory firm in Tampa, Florida." That prior experience was with LDG Consultants who acts as "a receiver [who] steps in between the borrower and lender to manage the asset during a litigation process." So not a shady past at all and "17 years" in industry, or high school, I can't keep track. He did spend 7 months at RayJay in 2009 though.

    So who is paying ASR to write sell recos on companies? Ding do you know anything about this? Can somone please waste their money on this and shed some light on the thesis of the sell reco?

    Watch out from some penny stock shorts to jump in on Monday and borrow shares to sell to the current quant shorts that are trying to get out of their positions.

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    • I read their website and this is mostly a computer generated report. they have an algorithm that factors in P&L, balance sheet, revenues etc etc and it spits out an 8 page computer generated analysis. They claim to cover all russell 3000 companies, really LOL!! and it takes both kids to cover "just" 3000 companies LMAO!!!!

      it's a total hack job, but let's hope it brings in more stupid retail shorts, then we can throw them in the fire too LMFAO!!

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    • appolgies in re-reading your article as my football team was losing yesterday and I was in bad mood :( ASR has done hack jobs in the past to various companies....really seems to depend on the flavor of the day (which writer they choose to publish the article of) as to whether it'll be a good or bad analysis of a company. The Technical Director is a snotnose that just graduated in 2010 And is working on his Masters....big whoop!....Oh boy...reading more and it says the Research Director brings 17 years of experience and graduated in 2006....that means he's fresh out of High School when he started developing all this investment experience............boy oh boy, that really establishes their credentials for praising or tearing apart a company LOL

    • You forget to mention that the report is of such high quality that it cost a whopping $24 LMAO!!!

      The shorts need sellers in large numbers so they can cover without pushing the stock past $6. Maybe this gets some stupid retail shorts to come in here and start shorting so the big quants can cover a few more thousand share. So sad for them LOL!!

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    • Did you not read my post? This is obviously a joke of a report.

      The guy with "17 years" of experience graduated in 2006. The owner of ASR is in process management. Not that I am obsessive or anything, but I looked up the location of the firm and it is a residential house. Whose house? Hunter Orr's parents house, James G. Orr. The guy lives in his parents house. I can't make this stuff up!!!!!

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    • before I put you on ignore...if you have a Ameritrade account you'll be able to find so called analysis of SGYP as well as others in th biotech field...nearly always a sell or, at best, a hold........unmoved by ASR.

    • yeah yeah...yur on ignore...thanks for the BS

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