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  • kem60 kem60 Feb 21, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    What Has Changed About Fraudio in the Past Year?

    Nothing. He's still an idiot. He still can't figure out how to make money trading this. He still hates GE for some reason. He still can't let go of the big losses he has had on DRYS. His opinion is still worthless and not actionable, except possibly as fade material.

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    • Everybody should learn to ignore kem... I ain't sure he has even realized where he is in life!!! While he may not have become full fledged.... I would bet he would hold one in his mouth, till the swelling goes down!!! Who the hell would sit here day after day posting BS on a $2. stk??? I guess if you are an idiot Market Maker, with no cost attached to your trading .. And making money if there is trading... It may make a little sense that he is always on here posting...But we don't really know if its male or female!!! If its female... I like the thoughts of getting the swelling down... If its male.. He could get shot... Even thinking of getting the swelling down!!! On that note!!! I am out of here!!!

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      • It wll be a $1 stock very soon.

        Dumpster diving for pennies

        Yeah, buy 50 thousand shares of this junk when it hits a trend line and flip it 2 days later for a big 2 grand profit.

        Or maybe not.

        If you don't put in a stop loss sell order you may end up 'wearing' it forever. Now there is an exciting prospect. You just paid for some artwork.

        Some folks like to rock climb without ropes.That's fine but don't recommend it to everyone.

        'Invest' in DRYS and you will get what you deserve.

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