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  • oysternomicsreborn oysternomicsreborn Aug 16, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    The whole entire page reads..."Topic hidden because you ignored this user"

    This user along with probably more than 100 different ID's would be none other than kem60, he created a pile of new ones today. This is his game, 24/7 he trolls for responses. When he can't get a response, he creates a new ID in hopes of getting a response. He gets bored, he will post with one ID, then respond to it as many as 50 times.

    He has posted that when he gets no responses, he gets depressed. He should be really depressed now, everyone has learned his game, he has been busted big time. Now watch him drag up one of my old post, he is good at this. I laugh at

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    • I have only 3 posts cause my page is also all ignored posters which is par for the course on a stock that has been beaten down or a penny stock page. HIjackers of these pages do little to boost their standing if that's what they are looking for...they are literally a waste of space LOL

    • Hahahahah. You crawled out from under your rock because you thought I was gone! Hahahahah. I almost was.

      How about this one of your old posts? Can't stay away, can you? You blew it. Sold at 1.77, I'm STILL laughing at that one.

      Whole page , except 2 post are all kem60 ID's
      by oysternomicsreborn • Jul 30, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

      Page 2, the same.. He averages a post every few minutes, he has absolutely nothing to add to this board. He is a basher with felipo3 on down days, pumps with others on up days.


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